Become The Masterpiece You Are Looking For

Well said words…


Wanting is a natural trait of our humanity. There is no way that we could completely suppress our inclination to desire. Even try to do so is a desire in itself.

It doesn’t matter if your object of desire is a shiny car or Nirvana, we cannot avoid to want more; more physical possession, more emotional connections, more knowledge, more power. Is irrelevant the nature of our wanting, to want is natural. It can get out of control and for this reason could be healthy to take it easy in some cases, but there is no use or benefit in trying to suppress wanting completely. It would be a futile endeavor anyway.

The problem with wanting is that we often focus on the object of our desire.

We want a loving, healthy relationship, so we focus in all the traits and characteristics that a partner must possess in order to…

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