Effective Positive Affirmations

Here I am sharing some of the very effective positive affirmations which have worked for me in raising my frequency high to open the ways for amazing things to come into my life.

1. Effective positive affirmation for spreading positivity in the world and also to heal any kind of relationship

“Thank you so much god for all the love, light, peace, faith, patience, amazing health and security to me, my family and all the people in this world.”

This affirmation also works effectively for healing any relationship because as per my view when any person hurts you, its because he or she lacks god’s love which makes him or her behave negative. Sometimes the person might be your closest relationship or distant and it happens that we sometimes cannot make that person understand what is correct or incorrect or what is good or bad. When a person is not in a situation to understand the goodness in you or life, this affirmations helps to raise your frequency that helps you to overcome the negativity and also makes positive changes in that person towards you which ultimately heals the relationship. It is a suggestion to make a habit to say this affirmation in your mind with all your heart as many times as possible everyday or at least once a day when you do your daily prayer or before you sleep at night.

2. Effective positive affirmation for attracting money

“I love money and money loves me.  Money flows to me easily.  Thank you so much god for all the money I have been given throughout my life.”

To attract money, it is very important to feel good about money and to recognize that you have been given money till now whenever you needed.  It is very important to thank god for the money you have been given throughout life. Thankfulness or gratitude has the highest frequency in the Universe.  So this affirmation is the fastest way to raise your frequency and feel good about money and abundance.  Everyday, at least once, say this affirmation.  Along with our day to day work, saying the above words and giving heartfelt thanks to god [Universe] for money and abundance will open the doors for abundant money into your life.  Money will flow easily towards you.  The worry of not having enough money will not worry you anymore but it is important to make it a habit of repeating this affirmation as many times a day as you can.  Whenever you see any bill due for payment or any image of money or any text about money or anything you hear about money, repeat this affirmation whole heartedly in your mind, you can speak out loud if you feel proper as in presence of people some times it is not possible to say the affirmation aloud.  Repeat this affirmation everyday and give thanks to the Universe and then see the magic.

3. Effective positive affirmation to raise you frequency high and to feel extreme gratitude for your very existence on this earth.

“Thank you so much god for all the love I have been given throughout my life.  My soul is overflowing with love.  Now I have become LOVE.  I am LOVE.  Only love can reside in me. I am spreading only LOVE in this world because I am LOVE.”

LOVE is the eternal force in this Universe and is the only powerful frequency which can make impossible into possible.  GOD is LOVE and we all know about the power of god and so the love.  With my experience about this affirmation, I can say that its amazing because this affirmation raises my frequency high and makes me feel amazing.  This amazing feeling then attracts all goodness into my life.  Almost, everyday I use this affirmation to raise my frequency high and feel amazing.  This really works for me everyday.  This helps me to stay happy and calm all day.  Due to this happy feeling, I am able to develop lot of patience and peace in me that can handle all situations in my life appropriately.

4. Effective positive affirmation for self healing and attracting amazing health.

“Thank you so much god for all the amazing health I have been given throughout my life.  Thank you so much god for all the amazing health to me, my family and all the people in this world.”

In order to live an abundant life in terms of health, it is important to first express our heartfelt thanks to the Universe [God] for the amazing health we and our near and dear ones have been given throughout life.  Instead of expressing gratitude for good health only after recovering from any illness, if we give thanks everyday for our good health, then no disease in this world can touch us.  Ungratefulness towards abundant health attracts diseases in our body.  So this affirmation helps us to live everyday on high frequency of abundant health which gives us more and more good health and also good health to our near and dear ones.

“Thank you god for perfect healing of ……..”  [Fill in the blank with the name of the person you wish to give good health/recovery from illness.]

This affirmation helps the ill person to recover from illness fast.  If some one is ill whether it is serious illness where medication is on or not  a serious illness, this affirmation helps you focus on good health which effects the health of the sick person positively and helps him or her to recover fast.  I have seen many instances, where positive affirmations have worked faster than medicines.  Sometimes, these affirmations work miraculously.

5. Effective positive affirmation for enhancing any relationship

“Thank you so much god for the amazing love bonding between me and my …….”

This affirmation increases the love bonding in your relationships amazingly because when you say this affirmation, it generates a high frequency in your heart through gratitude for the amazing love between you and the other person.  Gratitude is really powerful and can move mountains.  This affirmation can heal any relationship and if you are having an already amazing relationship with your partner or any of your friend or family member, then also repeating this affirmation everyday with all your good feelings and heart would enhance your existing relationships to a much higher level.

6. Effective positive affirmation for materializing your dream into reality.

“Thank you so much god for materializing my dreams in the most beautiful way and at the most perfect time.”

We all dream and we all make all efforts to materialize our dreams into reality, however after doing all efforts if we see no results or if we see that the results are not appearing in a time frame what we decided and are getting delayed then we think of giving up on our dreams and attract lot of disappointments.  So instead of giving up on our dreams, we can use this affirmation for achieving our dreams in real life.  Instead of setting any time limit for materializing our dreams into physical world, we should let the Universe [God] work for us.  If we have done our job then rest leave on Universe.  We just need to have patience and positivity to believe that our dreams would materialize into reality at a perfect time.  Only Universe knows the perfect time and perfect way for making your dreams come true, just have faith and patience and for this repeat this affirmation everyday with all your heart and gratitude towards Universe in advance for making your dreams come true.

The above mentioned affirmations have really worked for me and I am sure this will work for anyone in this world if done whole heartedly.  In future, if I find any new affirmations, will definitely share with you all here.


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    1. Thank you so much Prerna for your valuable comments. You will gladto hear that I have recorded my audio for these positive affirmations that I will be uploading soon on my YouTube Channel ‘Gargi Akolkar’. You can listen to it whenever and wherever you want. Also, I have uploaded many other inspirational videos on my channel so far. Do visit and let me know your view. If you like it, kindly share the word and link so that others too can be uplifted. Thanks.


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