My good reads

Here are the books which I have read and I loved them for the knowledge and wisdom they have shared.  Many of these books were introduced to me by my close friend and some I got to know from the internet.  If you wish to know more about the law of Universe and more on how to create a beautiful life, refer to the below books.  If you have read any other book not listed below, I would welcome your suggestions in the comment section.  It would be a great inspiration to know about other books I haven’t read.

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The Secretby Rhonda Byrne [Explaining about the law of attraction.  This book has transformed my life and every single day gives me more and more inspiration to improve my life and help others to improve their life.]


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The Powerby Rhonda Byrne [explaining about the law of attraction but in the form of LOVE…LOVE as eternal force in the Universe.  I read this book before reading “The Secret” and trust me, the knowledge and wisdom “The Power” has shared went deep into my soul.  I was literally rejuvenated with LOVE. ]


The Magicby Rhonda Byrne [28 days gratitude practices along with other interesting practices for creating an optimistic life.  Its truly magical.  I sincerely did the 28 days practices two years back and was surprised by the positive results.  A must try for all who really want to make a positive change in their thought process.  I would suggest to first read “The Power” and “The Secret” before reading “The Magic”]


The Heroby Rhonda Byrne [Real life stories of people narrating how they struggled and with the guidance of the Universe made a successful life.  Surely a great inspiration for our life]


Science of getting richby Wallace D. Wattles [Explaining how to create wealth by giving more value to the people.  Also it shares wisdom about how to manifest your dreams with the help of power of mind through positive thoughts and feelings.  This is the book which transformed Ms. Rhonda Byrne’s life and inspired her to share the knowledge about the law of attraction with the world]


As a Man Thinkethby James Allen [Explaining the power of thoughts in author’s words.  It is a surely good read]


The Monk Who Sold His Ferrariby Robin Sharma [A story of a highly ambitious lawyer, who went on self realization after an unexpected major incidence in his life.  A truly amazing book.]


Tathaastu: Transforming Thoughts Into Realityby Sajeev Nair [Explaining the composition of human being, how thoughts work and form our reality.  This book is amazing in the way it has explained “the power of thoughts” and some really interesting facts about the Universe and our life]

The Game of Life

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The Game of Life and How to Play Itby Florence Scovel Shinn [Explaining the law of attraction in author’s words by giving  practical examples.  Definitely a good read.  I read the e-book.] 


The Secret Daily Teachingsby Rhonda Byrne [Daily positive quotes and words of wisdom for 365 days.  Very inspiring handy book]


The Best Thing About You Is YOU!by Anupam Kher [Famous Indian Film Actor] [Giving words of wisdom about life by giving his own life examples.  Truly amazing.  Very short topics, easy to read, understand and inculcate in our everyday life.]


Who Moved My Cheese?by Dr. Spencer Johnson [This book shares knowledge about how to deal with change in life.  Many people are resistant to changes in life.  This book is really a good simple one sharing words of wisdom about dealing change in life through a short fable.]

Ask & It is given

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Ask & It is given – by Esther and Jerry Hicks [Teachings of Abraham] [This book is excellent.  It has explained our vibrational Universe in a very beautiful way.  It is very easy to understand about the law of attraction and know the Universe and our higher self more closely.  The authors have given detailed explanation about the law of attraction and 22 different games/exercises that we can play/use to uplift our vibrations and allow our desires to manifest in the most beautiful ways.  A must read book.]

A new beginning part 1 Abraham Hicks

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A New Beginning Part I by Jerry & Esther Hicks [Abraham’s words] [This book is very good for those who crave for more detailed understanding of our vibrational Universe and the law of attraction.  The book had beautifully explained about the human life and the non-physical realm that governs the physical world.  If you have a good understanding of the Law of Attraction and know how it is constantly creating our experiences, you will love this book as well.]


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How To Change Your Life Around In 30 daysby Esther & Jerry Hicks [This is a kind of a work book helpful to anyone who desire to change their life in a positive way.  The book has given 30 days exercises.  The interesting part is the quotes given at the beginning and the end of each day’s exercise.  They are truly knowledge enhancing and could be understood easily.  I loved all the quotes given in this book and the exercises are also very helpful in maintaining yourself in alignment with the Universe.]

Breaking the habit of being yourself

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Breaking the Habit of Being Yourselfby Dr. Joe Dispenza [ I loved this book for the way the author has explained the law of attraction through scientific approach.  The author has explained the law of attraction and how our brain and heart creates our reality, by blending neuro science, genetics and quantum physics.  The examples given here in this book are truly inspiring and they do activate a strong will and energy in you to learn and practice the techniques given in the book.]

Gabriel method

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Visualization for Weight Loss – The Gabriel Methodby Jon Gabriel [In this book the author has explained in a very simple way how our mind is responsible for our physical appearance.  The book contains meditation techniques to get your desired body through the power of your mind and heart.  The book is extremely useful if you are looking for getting your desired body and are willing to learn and do something new to get your perfect body.]


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Creative Visualizationby Shakti Gawain [This is by far the most easiest to learn and understand the process of creative visualization.  The creative visualization helps you to vibrationally match your present to your desired future and thereby manifest them into your physical reality.  Visualization is the extremely powerful way to connect to the unseen world i.e. the non- physical or meta- physical world.  Visualization helps you to get your NOW frequency to the frequency of your desired FUTURE and that leads to the manifestations of your dreams/desires.  A must read for all.]

Magic of Believing

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The Magic of Believingby Claude M. Bristol [It is true that whatever you believe in becomes your physical reality.  This book explains you this fact very beautifully with appropriate real life illustrations.  A good read for those who want to know more about the law of attraction and how to practice deliberate creations.]


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E squared – Nine Do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality – by Pam Grout [This is a fantastic book to read and do experiments with the infinite potential of the Universe.  The nine experiments given in this book are very easy to do an test yourself how the law of attraction creates your reality through your thoughts and feelings.  I have tried few of the experiences and share my results for three of them on this blog.]

See my results for three of the nine experiments here –

The law and the promise

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The Law And The Promiseby Neville Goddard [This is by far the most impressive book for me regarding creative visualization.  The book contains lot of interesting real life experiences of common people like us who have learned and applied the visualization techniques from the author’s workshops, for converting seemingly impossible things into desired reality.  This book invoked within me more will to use my visualization power to manifest my desires.  A must read for all]


This page will be regularly updated as the list increase.  I will try to put pictures of the books, so that you all can easily recognize the books if you wish to read them.


15 thoughts on “My good reads

  1. Thank you Gargi, This is a wonderful blog. I can relate to a lot of things that happened in my life and how I reacted to it. I am grateful to you for taking this initiative that inspires people like me.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing positive miraculous & inspirational stories with us.
    Keep doing such nice work all the day..
    May God bless you with all the happiness & success in your CA exam. 🙂


  3. Gargi, your blog is one of the best blog for the people residing especially in the countries like India,Nepal,Pakistan and so on.The blogs and websites maintained by people of western countries like USA and so on are not so effective for us.I find this blog very useful for me.You have done awesome job.It would be great if you could upload some articles related to meditation and visualization.In my view the best one that you didn’t mentioned above is “The power of your Subconcious mind ” by Dr.Joseph Murphy. I loved reading it.The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is amazing. Thank you once again for this amazing blog.


    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my work. I have not included the book by Joseph Murfy because I have not yet read it. I have mentioned about those books which I have read. Some more will be added soon. When I read Joseph Murfy’s book, I will surely include it in this list. Further, I never do meditation, so I have not posted anything about that but I will surely write more on visualization as you said. I do visualization and I know its power. Thank you once again.


  4. Thanks, I am sure you will like the book. I still have to come to terms with the concept of your blog. Its an interesting concept, but a slightly hard to believe that things like the Law of Attraction do exist. I used to write and have scribbled some random thoughts in my blog Extreme Opinions @ It been a long time I have not added anything on my blog. Let me know your thoughts on my blog. By the way, I must congratulate you on being able to stay positive and write such positive thoughts and experiences on a regular basis. Good Luck.


    1. Thank for your kind appreciating and encouraging words. I will surely visit your blog. Its been almost three years that I am aware of the law of attraction that is the most powerful law of physics that governs human life. I am firm believer of this law because I have experienced its power every single day. If anyone is skeptic regarding existence of this law, I would suggest them to try it with open mind and see if it works for you. The law of Universe works the same for those who believe and for those who don’t believe.


  5. Another nice book is “The habit of winning “. By Prakash Iyer. Stories to Inspire, Motivate and Unleash the winner within. Though slightly in a different league than your usual choice, but it surely is a wonderful read. I was glad I chose the book and would surely like to recommend it to one and all.


    1. Thank you so much for having a look at my blog and sharing the info regarding new book too. Surely I will give it a read. Also, will include it in my list of good reads if I like the book. Most probably it is going to be a very good read I suppose. Thank you once again for your warm words.


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