My first eBook on the Law of Attraction is now available on Payhip as well

Hi Guy,

After self publishing on [eBook] and [eBook and Paper back], my first book ‘Fire Your Imagination with Power & Passion’ is now available on  The link to my page is

You can avail the discount by using the discount coupon on the checkout page or by liking and sharing the tweet, till 31st March 2017.  You can use the discount more than once.

So rush and book your copy now.

Lots of Love




Surprise gift to the winner – My first book published.

I am happy to announce the winner for the teaser contest held on 16th January 2017 for my debut project ‘Project Mirage’. This project was for my first book launched on Amazon. The winner is Ms. Aarthy Gopal. She gets free copy of my ebook published on 14th February 2017.

Heartiest Congratulations Aarthy!

Thank you for those who contested in the teaser. Love you all my readers and constant supporters.


My debut book ‘Fire your imagination with Power & Passion’ got published on 14th Feb’17


Finally the day has come, my debut project ‘Mirage’ has been launched. Ofcourse, Mirage was the code word I used to promote my project.

This project was about my first book on the law of attraction titled ‘Fire Your Imagination with Power & Passion’. My book was published on Amazon on 14th February 2017 as desired. First time I manifested my desire on exact desired date. God is great.

So guys, order your copy now. The book is published on kindle as well as paperback version. However, paperback version is not available on, but and other amazon websites. Below are the links to both the versions.

Truly happy today. Thank you god and everyone of you to love me and my work.



Video Teaser # 1 Project Mirage…Coming Soon…

Hey Yo!!!!

I am so excited to share this first teaser video for my project.  I would appreciate your valuable feedback.

Thank you so much in advance.  Stay tuned…

Love you all.




Do you love Vacations?

People think if vacations across the world are affordable, I say yes!

Wonderful vacations are possible at less cost or free, whatever you desire. Everything is possible, if you believe. I have experienced, do you want to experience that joy of manifestation? I know you want it😊

Stay tuned…

Project Mirage



A Penguin – Beautiful communication from the Universe

I could not resist from sharing this beautiful experience with you. Just now unexpectedly I saw a picture of a Penguine. By mistake I tapped the Bing browser button on my phone and a picture of a Penguine appeared for few seconds and the picture changed automatically. It was very odd because such thing never happens.

Till now I had seen animals like a white cow, a peacock and an elephant in flash visions in sleep that gave guidance for my situations when I saw them time to time. But this picture was not in vision but appeared suddenly like out of the blue and vanished. So I thought to check the meaning of it and to my delight the meaning is exactly about the current situation in my life. Presently I am getting many new ideas for my future ventures and present project and I am taking inspired actions everyday towards those projects and for other areas of my life. Universe is awesome. Always perfect in communication and guidance. Sharing here the link of the website where I found the meaning of the spirit nimal Penguin.

Project Mirage…Win surprise gifts

Hi everyone,

My debut project is coming soon. As a part of campaign, here is another post. I invite your views and thoughts in this regard. Fill in the blank in the statement given in this picture. First three correct answers would get a chance to win surprise gifts. Stay tuned. Much more to come. Love you all.


Both bills paid well in time. God is great!

I have been very prompt and regular in paying all my bills till now. However, this month I had low finance in savings and as am searching for new job, I had limited money but I believed god will help me as always. So today was the due date for electricity bill and after 10 days is the due date for landline telephone bill payment. Yesterday, I was quite worried for today’s due date but calmed myself and prayed to god for the perfect payment. I believed I would pay it today however I did not know from where the money will come. My parents had some money and I thought to withdraw few amount from my bank but then suddenly thought of credit card came to mind. I rarely use my credit card and I have almost full limit available. I felt positive about this thought. Instantly I paid both the bills today through my credit card and am so thankful to god and my bank who gave the credit card facility. The bill amount was around INR 2,500 in total and was paid perfectly. I am so happy today. I am sure god will take care of my future finances as well and I believe my job and my pending bank credits that am expecting this month end are on their way. Thank you so much god. Love you.