I call it Purpose of Life

Thanks for this great post. I agree with you. In fact rather than calling it destiny, I will say it as the purpose of life. Every soul comes to this earth with a purpose to fulfill. Even before taking birth in physical body, he or she knows why he or she will be coming here on this planet. Even I am in the current transition phase. I have been a commerce student for years and a professional in Accountancy. I worked in the internal audit profession for 7 years. I learned a lot in my profession. Then gradually I got interested in cyber security subject, I did courses in it to learn more and finally left job in 2015 to pursue my dream in cyber security. I searched for job in the new field for three years with no success as industry desires experienced people and globally certified which I am not. I started my blogging in 2014, then began my YouTube journey and the work as an author. My blogging, YouTube and books all are about the law of attraction. Everything was unexpected. Today I am a successful blogger, You Tuber and an author. Last year I published my first book on amazon and so far received 5 stars and great review from the buyers. This year I published my 2nd book, just yesterday. Sales are low I agree because people don’t know me much right now. However, I am happy and grateful to have this opportunity to empower people. Unexpectedly I started law of attraction coaching & consultancy three months and going good. So now slowly my interest is getting more into this work rather than cyber security or accountancy. Thus, I feel I am on the right path in living the purpose of my life.  Inspiring and empowering people with my talent, knowledge and experiences is my purpose of life I believe.

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While going through some of my childhood items my mother found cleaning out a closet in her house, I came across this little item. I found the irony in this because I could not have been very old, I am guessing 6 or so, when I wrote in this notebook. The thought bubble above Snoopy’s […]

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