Readers’ LOA Experiences

Manifested trip to Ajmer Sharif in just one day

[ by Pooja Jaggi, 11/11/2016]

This is a very wonderful experience I want to share with you all . I wanted to go Ajmer Sharif for daragah darshan but was not able to go from 1 year. I made program many a times but was always failing because in my mind I had a thing that what if this time also I will not be able to go but afterwards this time just few days back I downloaded a pic of Ajmer dargah and said in my mind that I am very happy to visit this place I assumed myself over there and just prayed that this time all will be well and  this trip will be a memorable one. Guess what within one day I had my tickets booked and yes I was there were I assumed my self though it was a peak time and heavy rush over there I got a very good darshan, no one else was able to stand there for a minute were I got to stand and see God for 5 minutes. It was really a memorable trip, my many things got filled from this trip and it was as amazing as I thought of.  So guys just give a thought in proper way and see how it’s manifested thank you thank you thank you universe for this memorable trip…

Manifested an unexpected reward

[ by Kavita Jagwani, 29/09/2016]

I am reading a book E² by Pam Grout
It was suggested by one of my Facebook group which insists on the principles of the law of attraction [LOA].
It’s a wonderful book.

In it there are practical experiments to be done and I was excited to do its Experiment#1.  In it you are supposed to put your positive vibes and manifest an unexpected gift or reward.  It is unexpected and at the same time you have to give a time frame of 48 hrs to the Universe.  I started with this experiment on Sunday midnight and the deadline was Tuesday midnight.  I was very positive and the first day passed in a good mode.  I actually forgot about the experiment.  As the second day started I remembered about it and said to myself, Yes! it’s on the way !!

By noon I got an unexpected order and I was like is it the unexpected thing which I manifested.  I said naaahhh!!! I need a better one Mr Universe [God]..come-on !!

By evening I got a great order of two more products.  Now this order was great in one more aspect because the product was expensive but very good in quality.  It was a designer footwear which everyone said “who will buy it at such high price” but I got an apt customer for it, collectively the profit margin of 3 is the max. in one single day.
Ohh wow!….I was like ..yes yes yes ..I got it !!!
Thank u Mr Universe for keeping my faith unto you.
I am so happy and excited to go to the next experiment.
I am sure my intuition is improving by practising law of attraction.
It’s fun as well and a source of happiness.

Try it !!!
It’s worth it..
Thank u Thank u Thank u !!!

My LOA Experience

[ by Richa, 25/09/2016]

Hello my lovely friends , today I would like to share my LOA experience with you all .  As I was coming home from station at 7:30, it started raining heavily.   There were almost 50 people waiting for an auto.  I did not have an umbrella also, so I prayed to waheguruji [my favorite deity (God)] and looked up in the sky and told the universe (God) to give me an auto so that I could reach home early.  Also I kept chanting god’s name (satnaam shree waheguru).  Within 30 seconds the auto fellow said yes and amidst 30-40 people standing there I got the auto, got inside and reached home safely.  Thank you to the universe , thank you to gurunanak dev ji .  I did not get wet also as I had some food items and was worried if it would get spoil.
Hope my experience makes you believe in God , and the universe and LOA , Thank you thank you thank you.
SATNAAM Shree waheguru ji

Experienced lost and found

[ by Apurva Naik, 23/09/2016]

Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Gargi.  I had lost my one of the receipt, it was not so much important but still wanted it in my hands.  I got panic as I realized that I lost my receipt and started searching everywhere, after few minutes suddenly one thought clicked in my mind when I read ‘Lost and Found’ post on your blog the day before I lost my receipt, I told myself I will use this when I want to find something lost and see how quick the law works the immediate next day I got opportunity to use it.  So I let go the thought of lost receipt and believed it will be in my hands soon.  Today morning while flipping the pages of a book I saw some piece of paper folded and to my happiness when I unfold it, it was the receipt I was searching for.  Thank you so much God and thanks Gargi for the post.

Have a Great Day!!!

Being in sync with the universe feels so great

[ by Yojana Karmacharya, 21/09/2016]

 It feels great when you know that you are in sync with the universe.  The feeling is amazing.

I had to go for shopping today and as I was about to leave home, I just checked my mobile to read a text and guess what, it was 11:11.  My heart was filled with joy to see this number again.  I instantaneously knew that I am going to have a wonderful day.

On my way, I had to issue my flight tickets so headed towards a travel agent.  The staff and service there was too slow.  I was kinda starting to get irritated.  I just opened my mouth to share my feelings with my friend and suddenly my eyes fell on the wall there was a framed “certificate of appreciation ” as soon as I saw the word appreciation, I closed my eyes briefly and thanked the staff for their service.  I felt glad because I didn’t lose my good vibes.  I walked out of there happily and guess what two of my wishes got fulfilled today.

1. First wish was to buy a dress for a wedding which would fit my budget and my budget was low.  I didn’t have much expectation but I had liked one dress which I had seen in a serial and had kept saying I want similar dress in same color that was royal blue.  So at the shop I started off with simple party wears and was trying to compromise but my inner voice kept saying to me why don’t I ask them to show something similar to what i had seen on TV may be I would just take a look for satisfaction.  I asked them about that kind of dress and to my utter surprise they showed the design I asked for and they were in 3 colors red, black and ROYAL BLUE,  I just couldn’t resist it so said I will try them on.  The shopkeeper asked me is it for you? and I said yes and he said ‘try this Royal blue I m sure its gonna look very good on you!!’  I tried it and yes I loved it.  Then I hesitantly asked the price and then I couldn’t believe my ears.  It just came in my budget exact, I was so happy and I got it.

2. I also wanted to buy a ‘silver tikadani’ that’s a kind of puja thali that we use in Dasherra.  I had been browsing online for the price.  On net I had seen its price as 17000.  I had visited a few shops and their price was 23000, 21000 and 20000. So for me the best deal was 17000.  I was preparing myself for it but today I just went to a shop and asked them, they had this tikadani in various sizes which the earlier shops didn’t so for me a smaller size would work too.  I asked the price and they said 13800, I didn’t buy it then for some reason something just stopped me and I said ok please keep it separately I will come again in a few hrs. I finished all my other shopping and went to the same shop, they brought me the one I had separated and I was preparing to pay, the sales girl said I have the exact same thing that you chose but slightly lighter in weight so it might save you some more money.  I said ok and had a look.  Yes! its the same thing but little bit lighter.  I asked for the price and the sales girl said 12500.  I just couldn’t stop thanking the universe for this.  I was amazed and happy.  I made my purchase and felt so blessed and loved.

So today I ticked 2 more of my desires from my manifestation list and I also have realized that once you are in the zone manifestation happens really quickly and sometimes its overwhelming.  Feeling so loved and blessed thank u universe for every single thing in my life.

 Aced my exams

[ by Rashmi Sawant, 19/09/2016]

I have always been a firm believer of law of attraction; but I used to get tensed and have panic attacks before my exams, I told myself why not use law of attraction for the same.
And that one thought changed everything for me.  Out of nowhere I got a link regarding visualization for exams, a friend of mine told me about switch words, I even had my very own vision board with my ideal marks.

Everything just lined up for me and somehow I started studying well; was more focused and my anxiety attacks had disappeared.

My exam time was just the most amazing time of my life.   And guess what I got the desired score.

Lovely experience. Nature and babies are born to amaze us

[ by Pooja Jaggi, 18/09/2016]

There’s a lovely experience I went through today early in the morning on my way to my job I just said god I wanna see lines of birds above my head usually I don’t see them moving at that time as it’s 7.45 time .till that time usually the birds are out only but today just as a said I was really touched by seeing so many lines of birds not cluster but birds moving in one line I love to see them and to add to my pleasure I saw so many lines one after another it was just wonderful. I attracted them. and then just now I was feeling lost and was just about to cry but then suddenly a small baby came in front of me on the way and gave a beautiful smile the baby was very small whom I don’t even know but was appeared as if was saying me to keep smiling just loved it.

Manifested Dairy Milk Marvelous Creations 

[ by Shreya Tiwari, 15/09/2016]

I am a firm believer and a follower or LOA and teachings of the secret and the books in series. And trust me it works wonders, it might take a while for you to get in sync but once you absorb the knowledge your manifestations start unfolding beautifully and in a surprising way.

My story is about my favorite chocolate , well this chocolate wasn’t even launched in India. It is my favorite chocolate from Cadbury’s Dairy milk company and was already launched in UAE market 2 years back ! One day I wanted to eat it while I was on my Vacation in India , I thought I won’t find it here in India and would only get to eat it once I return to UAE. Then something came to my mind and what I did next was I just asked the universe for it. Then I let it go, forgot about it completely.  What happened like 10 days back is nothing less than a miracle. I went to the general store with my Aunty as she had to get something for Teej pooja ( A celebration where married ladies fast for their husbands) , she then asked me what chocolate would I like to eat. She usually doesn’t offer chocolates to me. As I am eating clean these days so I just looked around and denied. And suddenly my eyes got stuck on a chocolate , I took a closer look and there is was my favorite Dairy milk Marvelous Creations. As if it was waiting for me to pick it up . I just picked it up and said I want this !!

So people , believe. Believe. Believe. Believe in the LOA. Nothing is impossible for the universe . Hope this helps someone to manifest his or her desire.


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