Even if we forget, God reminds us

Yesterday morning my sister informed us that my nephew [her 6 year old son] is sick with viral fever. So they took him to the doctor and got medicines. In the afternoon I thought to visualize my nephew in perfect health. Visualization works faster and I had experience before about healing others with visualization including my nephew & niece. So I thought to visualize in the evening because I was having my lunch and immediately after lunch I don’t do meditation or visualization. At least 2 hours later will do it I thought. Later I went to nap after doing some work. When I slept, it was already around 4:30 pm.

At around 5:45 pm, I woke up, however, I was lying on my bed only and had forgotten about visualizing for my nephew.

I was kind of bit sleepy, so I closed my eyes. As I closed my eyes, I saw a vision where my sis was giving food to my nephew and she said to me, he is not eating food and is crying due to ill health. He is not feeling well so. I immediately woke up and recalled that I have to do visualization for his health and fast recovery.

I thanked God for reminding me about this visualization. I woke up, washed my face and had my evening tea. As I felt fresh, I closed my eyes and relaxed. I visualized my nephew perfectly health, laughing and playing with his cousins at his place. Right now all cousins are at his place and so I visualized him having fun with everyone. I felt this real and so good. After thanking God for his perfect health, I got busy in my work.

Late evening, I called my sister and asked about his health. She said he doesn’t have fever now. However, he is not eating well. I assured her, he will be fine. I believe he is already healed and perfectly healthy.  Again in the night before going to bed I visualized him healthy.  I saw him eating food and having a good time.

Today morning, my sis informed that he has started having food and he is feeling better.

Positive vibes always reach the person, so it is good to help our near and dear ones and also others for getting their perfect health and other desires too.

I am sure my this experience will inspire you to help yourself and others.




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