Itching disappeared over night

Hey guys,

One more experience that proved how faithful the law of attraction is, whether you think and feel good or bad but one thing is very clear that one positive thought is far more powerful then hundreds of negative thoughts.

Now, let me share with you my yesterday’s experience. Last evening after washing my face with my regular scrubber that I have been using once a month for past one year, my face was feeling itching and pink. This had not happened till now as my skin has always been great and I hardly use any products except a face wash and scrubber and that too occasionally. So when this happened yesterday initially I got bit worried about why it happened. Suddenly, I realised, four days back I had a casual talk with a friend of mine who visited my place after a long time. She asked me if I had any infection on my face as it was looking pink. I told her my skin is perfect and its always like that. In heat or sometimes when I laugh too much, my cheeks turn pink and it was perfectly normal. So, yesterday, I remembered this and realised that, that conversation attracted this itching and stuff on my cheeks and they turned pink. Immediately I knew what to do. I just grabbed a drop or two of home made pure ghee (clarified butter) on my palms and with my fingers I applied it all over my face and kept it for 10-15 minutes and then diverted my mind to other things I love without giving any thought on to that itching and gave my heartfelt gratitude again and again for my perfect skin. Slowly the itching reduced. And the next day it was all perfectly normal. I was so happy. God helped me with my positive thoughts and feelings about my beautiful skin. I believed my skin is always great and it helped me to get my desired result.

Isn’t it amazing?

Thank you, thank you, thank you God.

Hope my story would help people with positivity.



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