My nephew and his friends again started playing

My nephew and his friends were ill for past few days and couldn’t play. We are so much used to kids’ shouting and their playing together in the evening. As the kids were not well and my nephew was not healing fast, we took him to doctor twice. Medication was on, however diaherroea was not getting in control. Then I imediately did visualization for a minute to see him playing with his friends and enjoying his time. I sent him healing energy through this visualization for two days. I did this for a minute for two days and thanked god frequently for his fast recovery. I was not seeing gratitude in my family members as all were buzy more blaming monsoon, bad weather and contaminated water though we are drinking boiled water from past 4 days.

I am pleased to share that my nephew is now playing with his friends outside. He and his friends are now much better. Medicines are doing their work and my gratitude and visualization helped it to do the healing fast.

Universe listened to my request. Thank you so much god. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gratitude is so much important. Lack of gratitude attracts issues but heartfelt constant gratitude attracts healing. God is so loving. I am very happy to see them recovering fast. They are playing and enjoying. Feeling really good. I have also done visualization and gratitude for one lady near our house. She and her family runs a tiffin service for people near by. She is not well for past many days. But I am sure she is recovering fast and God is healing her.

I am sure my experience will inspire you to adapt and attitude of gratitude in every area of your life.



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