The Power of Love

For past 3 hours I am sitting on a couch outside of my house in my house compound enjoying the nature’s love. One of the best moments that I ever feel is in the laps of nature. A cool breeze is flowing and touching my soul with all its love. I spoke to the Universe a while back and all I received is unconditional love from the Universe. Today I had my evening tea and dinner also sitting on the couch. As I am enjoying my time with the nature, I happen to see the beautiful moon which I see almost everyday but never took time to truly feel its light and beauty and appreciate it with all my heart. So today I did that and also took a picture to share with you guys.😊 Have a look and see how beautiful it is. One more beautiful thing is I began reading the Power by Rhonda Byrne today again after 4 years and I am feeling so much love since morning and all unexpected signs are arriving that my dreams are on their way. I did not ask for signs but I am receiving them automatically. That’s the Power of Love. ‘Power’ was the first book on LOA topic that I read in 2013 even before reading and watching the Secret.

Feeling so happy today. Love you so much god. Thank you so much god and thank you so much to Rhonda Mam.


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