What did not happen in past 15 years, happened within few days through the law of attraction

Hey guys,

I am so happy to share with you all my manifestation of road renovation in our society.  In January 2017, a thought came to my mind about renovation of roads in our society as it was not done for the past 15 years and the condition was not good, especially in monsoon it used to be uncomfortable to drive or walk.  However, I used to always give my heartfelt gratitude to god for the roads.  As I thought about the renovation and imagined how wonderful the roads would look after renovation, two days later our society committee called for a meeting and it was declared that society would go for road renovation.  My father attended the meeting and when he informed me about this, I was pleasantly shocked because only two days back I had imagined that for a moment.  I was so happy.  The people of the society and the local authorities contributed for this work and the work was planned to commence in May 2017 i.e. after 3 months, because the paper work with the local authorities required few months.

I am so glad that finally the work has commenced two days back.  Today is 19th May 2017, the work is now being done in our lane.

I am so happy I manifested this and contributed to the betterment of our society.  Indeed our requests are always answered, just that we should have faith in the Universe.  I did not take any action towards initiating this work.  But everything fell into place through appropriate people.  Thank You Universe.  Now we will enjoy monsoon in the best way. Yay!!!

I had shared this experience in my book ‘Fire Your Imagination with Power & Passion’ published on 14th February 2017 on http://www.amazon.in and http://www.amazon.com and all the Amazon affiliates, when the renovation was planned and paper work was initiated.  Now actual field work has begun.  I am truly grateful to God, our society committee, all the society people and the local authorities for this manifestation.  Thank you so much.

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