Perfect Body is 90% Mind + Heart and 10% Inspired Action


Hi All,

Last week I posted an article about how I got my perfect body through visualization and gratitude, here is the link  Today I just thought why not post an update with a comparison photograph of mine to let you all know the perfect body journey I went through.  I am near to my perfect body and happy that god is helping me and guiding me every moment in this journey.

You can see above my photograph of May 2016 and May 2017 and see how I look.  The credit for this perfect body goes to almighty Universe and the law of attraction.  You might think, one year is pretty long time and if I got this body in one year than what a big deal but I want you to know that I had not much done exercise and dance, neither I did fasting or crash diet but rather followed the deliberate creation process.  There were times when I lost hopes for perfect body but God never give up on me because it was my heartfelt desire to have my perfect body and health.  So, I always believed in my perfect body and now I am happy that I am getting the results and most important is I feel so good.  Last year also I was this much happy because that time I had reduced well.  Thus, I have always been my favorite and I loved myself all the time.  As Abraham Hicks say that when you make peace with where you are right now, Universe does everything to give you what you desire.  I have always been at peace with my present except few moments here and there and that’s fine because I am human but most of the times, I was very optimistic.  At times I asked for signs from the Universe to confirm whether I am on the right track and whether I will get my desired body, and always got the positive signs.  I continued my visualizations and gratitude everyday.  Visualizing my perfect body felt so joyful and exciting.  Now I see the power of my inner being and my energy when I see the above photograph.

What I did and still do for getting my perfect body was/is –

[In no particular order]

  1. Counting my blessings everyday in all areas of my life.
  2. Visualizing my perfect body everyday [timings and scenes of visualizations were not fixed everyday.  I visualize anyway that makes me feel joyful and exciting of already having my perfect body.]
  3. Listening to my favorite songs while visualizing because songs and music takes me to the desired frequency immediately.  However, I also visualize without any music or song.
  4. Appreciate people with perfect body.
  5. Ignore commenting or thinking about people who don’t have perfect body.
  6. Appreciate all the good things around me and in this world.
  7. Be grateful for all the challenges I have faced in life because they have contributed in making me strong, mature and much more loving than I was earlier.
  8. Doing things that make me happy.
  9. Focusing on feel good aspect almost all the time for all the areas of my life.
  10. Loving my body and giving gratitude everyday for my perfect health and perfect body.
  11. Blessing my food and giving it love [I eat whatever I like and in the quantity that makes me feel good.  As I am almost always aligned to my desired outcome, I attract more of healthy food].
  12. Blessing water and giving it love [Water is a miracle for perfect body and health, so I always feel gratitude for the thirst for water and the clean and fresh water I get to satisfy my thirst.  It feels so awesome while drinking water and fulfilling my thirst.  It is truly a blessing].
  13. Exercise and dance whenever I like to do. [No fixed schedule and no fixed routine for dance and exercise.  I do it at home whenever I like to, because my focus is on feeling good and enjoying the process.]

These are the few important things I did and still do.  You can see, in the above things that I do is 90% mind and heart work [i.e. Getting in vibrational alignment with my desired body as if already received through thoughts & feelings] and 10% is inspired action [i.e. Dance and exercise].  I love my life and I am happy to learn how to live a fulfilling life everyday.  A big thank you to God for his unconditional love, support, appreciation and encouragement all the time.  My heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Rhonda Byrne, Abraham Hicks and all other guides for always guiding me in my journey to a fulfilling life.  Also, my gratitude to my parents who have always given me freedom to do what I love and encouraged me in all my endeavors.

Hope this article will be of help to those who desire their perfect body.




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