My most powerful prayer to god that always works like a miracle


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Life has taught me many things, all good because life never teaches you bad.  Your soul is constantly evolving positively because it is its purpose on the earth.  In this pursuit of growth, it needs LOVE.  The LOVE that our soul needs to evolve and live its purpose comes from GOD.  Who is GOD?  For me GOD is the Universe, the infinite intelligence who created this world and who gave us the power to create our dream life.  GOD is in us and we are in him/her/it as you believe.  We are tiny part of this infinite intelligence and constantly receiving the stream of love and well being.

In my life till now I have seen ups and downs like everyone of you reading this post and I am grateful for all kind of experiences because they have made me strong, matured and more loving than I ever was.  I have come much closer to my loving GOD [Universe] than I ever was.  In this, the knowledge of the Law of Attraction played a major role since past 4 years.  In these 4 years, after using so many affirmations, visualization, etc.  what has always helped me to uplift my vibes and frequency to the highest ever possible is my unwavering faith in GOD and my strong belief in my dreams and my heart.  I always follow my heart and I am always guided on the correct path.  Mostly, I am in vibrational alignment to my dreams and in the receptive mode.  But as you all know, ups and downs are part of life and many times we need a boost of positive energy to get going in the direction of our dreams because after all if we do not believe in our dreams then who will?  So whenever I need a boost to uplift my vibes I say the following prayer to GOD and I am always guided instantly.


”  I have deep faith in you GOD that you are working for manifesting my dreams in the best way and at the best time.  I know that you know what I truly desire and I believe you are the most loving and caring of all.  I am your loving child and always taken care of.  I truly believe in all my dreams and your divine ways and divine timings for manifesting my dreams.   I want to feel amazing about all my dreams, I want to feel loved, I want to enhance my belief and faith in you and my dreams much more than what I have now.  Please GOD! Give me strong positive vibrations.  Take me to the highest possible frequency.  I don’t know how but I have faith that for you anything is possible.  So please GOD, make me feel amazing, do anything, just make me feel amazing about all my dreams and my life. 

Thank you so much GOD for the strong positive vibrations and making me feel amazing”.

After I say this prayer with all my heart, I go with the flow and divert my mind to something that would make me feel good.  And within few minutes, some times in an hour, something happens that boosts my energy up and my faith and belief in my dreams and GOD, reaches highest frequency.  GOD is truly loving.  I would suggest you please have faith in GOD, his ways of doing things to manifest your desires and his timings.  GOD gave us dreams then how can he won’t manifest them?  He knows what the joy of heart is for you because he truly experiences that joy through you.

While I am writing this post, I have tears in my eyes.  Those tears are screaming to you guys, GOD loves you and please have faith in him.  Believe in his ways of shifting this entire Universe to fulfill your dreams.  Have faith in his divine timings,  it is never early or late, it is always on time.  ON TIME!  Your dreams manifest always on PERFECT TIME.

May it be any dream, they were given to you for a reason and they will be fulfilled.  As I see my blog posts statistics, the post on ‘Believing and Letting Go’, is by far the most read post of all.  I can understand the importance of believing and letting go in the process of manifestation especially for our dreams that hold so much significance to us like love life, marriage, work, health, business, etc.  So this statistic made me share here my most powerful prayer that has always helped me to keep believing in my dreams, follow my heart and have unwavering faith in GOD.

I hope, this prayer will help you too for being in the receiving mode and most important keep you close to GOD.  GOD loves you and so love GOD and keep holding his hands all the time.  He is with you always and always remember you are his responsibility and he knows this perfectly.  Your JOY is his promise to you and he perfectly fulfills it all the time, and asks simply nothing in return but FAITH AND LOVE.  So,  have faith and strong belief in yourself, your dreams and most important, in GOD.






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