Eeeeeee!!!! This is so accurate..

Law of Attraction!!!! Why are you sooooooo accurate???

Guys!  This experience of mine is amazing.  Oh god!

Two years back I had similar experience and now again.  I have manifested so many things intentionally and unintentionally through deliberate creation techniques in past four years.

This experience may seem a tiny one but it’s truly awesome and big for me as it again proves me how much powerful and accurate the Universe and its law of attraction is.

Few days back when I was watching some old songs on YouTube, suddenly I remembered a kids series that I used to watch on the television in my childhood.  That serial was very famous at that time.  It was in English originally and dubbed in Hindi.  I had watched that serial in English as well as Hindi.  And I never missed a single episode.  So few days back I got this sudden urge to watch that serial on YouTube but the problem was neither I remember the name of that serial nor any of its characters.  I recalled the faces and all the tiny little things about the characters and the actors who worked in it including their dresses but no clue about the names.  So how to search for that serial on YouTube was a big question.  I tried to search it through the TV channel it was telecasted but to no avail.  Finally I let go off that urge and forgot about it later.

But the Universe did not forget about my urge to watch that serial.  A while back I opened YouTube to download Abraham Hicks video and boom!!!!! my eyes rolled over an image in a link in the list of suggestions.  The link was of that particular serial that I desired to watch.  The serial was ‘Small Wonders”.  Now there were extremely remote chances of the link of this particular serial to appear in the suggestions because I visit YouTube almost every day and I never saw the link to this serial but today it just appeared out of the blue like OMG!!! Miracle.  I am sharing here the screen shot where I have circled the link and the image of that serial.  Now you tell me, was this a co-incidence?  No!!!! Its the Law of Attraction.  I love you Universe.  Finally I watched this serial.  Thank you YouTube and the one who uploaded the episodes.

Wonder Image

If you have experienced such amazing moments, please share.  We would love to hear from you.  Thanks!




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