How Sushmita Sen got the sign on the day of the event from God that she was going to win the title of Miss Universe in 1994

I am always fascinated with the way Universe communicates with us.  For the past 4 years I have been practicing deliberate creation techniques and one thing that has always helped me and may be millions of people out there in the world in deliberate creation, is sign from the Universe that your manifestations are on their way.  Certainly, signs from the Universe helps us to get into alignment with our desired outcomes.

Few days back, while scrolling through YouTube videos, I came across Sushmita Sen’s interview unexpectedly.  I usually do not watch interviews but somehow I came across her interview and straight away began watching it without knowing what was coming about.  May be God wanted me to watch this interview.  To my utter delight, during this interview, she shared her experience about how God [Universe] gave her the sign that she was going to win the Miss Universe title for India in 1994.  I was so happy to listen to her experience, not only because she represented India but also because she had experienced a special moment of the Universe communicating to her in a way that she could understand and also because this video appeared in front of me at the most needed time.  I wanted a boost and uplift my vibes and I saw this video.  It really boosted my spirits and gave me a push to get back on track.  Sharing here the link of this video, do watch.  I would suggest you to watch the whole video from beginning to the end.




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