Visualization moved DJ Van away from our house.

Visualization and gratitude are amazing. An hour back, a DJ van was passing by our house. There was a wedding in our society and the Music Van ie. DJ van was called by the host family for celebration. The speakers were on the high pitch and that was vibrating our house. Without giving any negative thoughts and feelings for those people who were dancing on that unbearable high pitch and to the DJ van staff, I calmed myself and closed my eyes. I visualized the DJ van far away from our house and prayed god to drive the van fast from our house because it was not feeling good near our house. I also prayed to god to slow down the voice if not driving away from our house. To my delight within 5 minutes of my prayer, the van drove fast and went away from our house. It was amazing. After a while I went out of our house for some work and still that DJ music was being played, somehow I wanted it to stop, as I thought this, it actually stopped. Amazing, isn’t it? I love Universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.😊



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