Magic check worked again

Hey guys!

I am so happy to share with you my money manifestation today. Some 15 days back I had made a magic check after two years as I wanted lot of money. So I wrote a specific amount and everyday gave gratitude to god for receipt of money and visualized as if already received. I was expecting some money for past two months but did not know the amount I would receive but the payment was getting delayed so finally I thought to let go and let god work in its own way. So I made the magic check and wrote the amount in 6 figures that I would like to receive and I believe I would receive. Later I deleted the magic check from my phone that I had made. Today casually checked the bank account and was shocked to see the money credited in 6 figures. The amount is ofcourse more than I had asked for. Love you god and love you Rhonda Mam.

Love you Krishna, my god, my Universe😊. Patience, Gratitude, Faith and Persistence is the key to success. Just three days back I had made a Gratitude Jar in which I was putting Re. 1 coins, one in the morning and one at night and while putting the money in the jar, I express things to be grateful for. And once the jar gets filled with money, will donate it. I got the idea of gratitude jar from the blog Though I did not had much money but I began this exercise to feel good about money and it really gave me joy. Today god gave me lot of money. My expected payment was received. Earlier I also had experienced magic of the magic check where I had received amount from unexpected sources. I am very happy today.

PS: Lots of gratitude to the blog mentioned above and many other blogs who are my constant inspiration. Thank you so very much😊

Hope my experience gives love and light to you.

Gargi. .


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