Fire Your Imagination with Power & Passion – My first book is doing a good work

Hi all!

Yes! Getting your love back is possible if you truly believe that he/she is yours and that you deserve your deam to be fulfilled. See real stories in my book.

I am happy to share with you all that my first book ‘Fire your imagination with Power & Passion’ that contains easy explanation about the Law of Attraction, step-by-step process of deliberate creation in detail and more than 130 real experiences from all the facets of life including deliberate creation and creation by default, is doing a good work. It was published on 14th February 2017 on Amazon Kindle in ebook as well as paperback So far the book has received 3 reviews and I am very happy and grateful to people for appreciating my work. Every single review is close to my heart as it encourages me to do more and more good work. The book has many more aspects that would help people to understand the law of the Universe in a better way. One of the most appreciated chapters in the book is about 24 real life scenarios and how to change a negative situation to a positive one and how to avoid negative situation and bring positive one into your physical reality. There is much more to read and very interesting topics discussed that will change your life for the best.

So visit the links given above and take a wise decision. If your hearts says “Buy the book”, then only go for it. And needless to say, if you like my work, do post an honest review about my book on the Amazon portal.

Thank you once again.



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