Readers’ Choice – Phase 2

Hello Friends,

I am back with Phase 2 of ‘Readers’ Choice’. A year back I had first did the readers’ choice phase 1, that time my blog views were amazing 3000 and now it has crossed super duper 25000 mark in last one ad half year. So I am super happy and going to write on the topics about the law of attraction that my readers would request for. I am glad that my readers are giving me so much love and support constantly.

This Readers’ Choice Phase 2 will be from 24th April 2017 to 8th May 2017. So send your desired topics and I will write for you. You can mention your topic in the comment box below or you can email me at If you wish you can mention your name with your requested topic. Giving name is optional. You can give more than one topic, I will try to incorporate all, depending upon total requests I receive during this prescribed period. But for sure I will definitely take atleast one of your topics for the posts. Last year I had recieved three amazing requests in a week’s time and this time I expect more. So go ahead and type your most desired topic and will be posting for you.

Thank you so very much for your amazing response till now.



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