Manifested a new house for my loved ones

In 2013, I had written in my dream book in the present tense that my elder sister and her spouse have bought a new house and that all are very happy with their achievement. I did not tell anyone about this wish, not even my sister. Five months later, my sister informed me that they have booked a new flat in the city where they live. She also told me that they never thought of buying a new home but god blessed them with a beautiful home. In 2014, the construction of their residential building commenced and this year they got the possession of their new flat. It is really beautiful. I am writing this post sitting in their new flat in the house warming puja and celebration. More than their, this is my manifestation because I had intended this and written it in my journal 4 years back. I love you Universe. This manifestation happened because I intended positive experience for my sister and her family. I had just written my wish and forgot about it. I did not visualize anything but it happened in the most perfect way and in the most shortest time because the Universe loves us and after I intended this, I believed and had faith that it will happen. I did not doubt and only gave my love for this wish. One of the best thing is this new flat is quite big and had priced approx. 50% less than the normal because it is through government scheme and in the posh area of the city. I am truly happy for my sister and her family. Sharing here the picture. I am sure you will like this post and also this will help you to manifest your desires. Have deep faith in the Universe, all your desires will manifest at the perfect time and in the most beautiful way.



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