Importance of divine timing for the manifestation of your desires

I have been practicing the deliberate manifestation techniques and gratitude since 2013 when I came across the law of attraction for the first time. In the past 4 years I have manifested many small and big things for me and my loved ones. However, recently I have realised the importance of divine timings for the manifestations. I have always believed in the correct timings for anything to happen and I have faith that when the correct time comes, everything happens fast and in an easy & miraculous way. Earlier I used to do visualization etc. keeping the manifestations in mind and many times I would enjoy the visualizations and sometimes less because of desperation for the manifestations. For any physical being, this is obvious but with continuous practice and learning, we can learn to enjoy visualizations for fun keeping aside the manifestations and that would give us unconditional joy and no resistance for the manifestations. Now a days, I have started asking the loving Universe to help me in visualization that would give me so much joy unconditionally. I must say, the visualizations that comes to me automatically are always the best and I enjoy them the most. Few days back, I listened to Abraham Hick’s video on the subject of Signs from the Universe and divine timing. It was amazing learning. I really loved it. Sharing here the video, do listen to it. It is a great wisdom.



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