Manifested a dimple through the Law of Attraction

I am so happy to share with you my recent manifestation through the law of attraction. Few months back I had put out a wish into the Universe to have a dimple on my right chick and frequently I used to visualize my face with a beautiful dimple. I came across videos on the Youtube about creating dimples through pressing the flesh between your chick bones with a pencil to make a dent i.e. A dimple. However, it seemed painful and unfair to hurt my beautiful delicate chicks. So I decided, I would get it through the law of attraction and began my visualizations almost everyday for around a week and then totally forgot about it. After a month I could notice slight dimples on both of my chicks but gradually the dimple on the left chick became prominent. Few days back I took selfies and in one of the pictures I saw my dimple very clearly. It is on my left chick actually but in the selfie it is seen on the right chick. Though I asked for the dimple on the right chick, I got it on the left clearly, may be because it looks best on the left chick. I am very happy. Thank you so much god. Love you.

Sharing here my selfie. You would clearly see the dimple.😊


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