A Penguin – Beautiful communication from the Universe

I could not resist from sharing this beautiful experience with you. Just now unexpectedly I saw a picture of a Penguine. By mistake I tapped the Bing browser button on my phone and a picture of a Penguine appeared for few seconds and the picture changed automatically. It was very odd because such thing never happens.

Till now I had seen animals like a white cow, a peacock and an elephant in flash visions in sleep that gave guidance for my situations when I saw them time to time. But this picture was not in vision but appeared suddenly like out of the blue and vanished. So I thought to check the meaning of it and to my delight the meaning is exactly about the current situation in my life. Presently I am getting many new ideas for my future ventures and present project and I am taking inspired actions everyday towards those projects and for other areas of my life. Universe is awesome. Always perfect in communication and guidance. Sharing here the link of the website where I found the meaning of the spirit nimal Penguin.



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