Both bills paid well in time. God is great!

I have been very prompt and regular in paying all my bills till now. However, this month I had low finance in savings and as am searching for new job, I had limited money but I believed god will help me as always. So today was the due date for electricity bill and after 10 days is the due date for landline telephone bill payment. Yesterday, I was quite worried for today’s due date but calmed myself and prayed to god for the perfect payment. I believed I would pay it today however I did not know from where the money will come. My parents had some money and I thought to withdraw few amount from my bank but then suddenly thought of credit card came to mind. I rarely use my credit card and I have almost full limit available. I felt positive about this thought. Instantly I paid both the bills today through my credit card and am so thankful to god and my bank who gave the credit card facility. The bill amount was around INR 2,500 in total and was paid perfectly. I am so happy today. I am sure god will take care of my future finances as well and I believe my job and my pending bank credits that am expecting this month end are on their way. Thank you so much god. Love you.


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