Two manifestations in one shot. God is great!

We are the creator, this is so true.

A month back I intended to the Universe to make new roads in our society as the roads were having lot of puddles and were not upto the mark though were concrete roads. I thought wouldn’t it be nice if the roads get renovated as totally new. Later I forgot about this thought.

Few days back, our society management informed everyone that they are planning to renovate the roads completely and that they require Rs. 3000 contribution from each family living in our society. I was so happy yet surprised that Universe fulfilled my request so soon. This is amazing. To add to my joy further, we got a call from our land lord to pay Rs. 3000 for society’s road renovation and pay that much amount less in rent. This means savings of Rs. 3000. Savings are income, so I received Rs. 3000 isn’t it? I am so happy, two manifestations in one shot. Thank you Universe.


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