Stomach ache cured within 10 minutes without any medicine

An hour back I had stomach ache. It was may be due to indigestion, don’t know the exact reason, however I wanted to heal it by positive thoughts rather than medicines. I had learned from one of my friends to heal our body by talking to it and it works because everything is energy and whatever we comunicate with our body parts, it listens and responds. I have used visualization and gratitude always to heal myself but today I thought to use her technique. So what I did was, though I was not able to stand due to pain, I continued doing my usual chore and while doing work I spoke to my stomach and digestive system. I said “Dear stomach and intestines, I know I gave you stress unintentionally and upset you. Due to me you are suffering. I know you can listen to me and understand what I say. I want to assure you that you are safe. I want you to know that I love you and I am sorry for the stress I gave you that disturbed your work. I want you to relax and understand that you are safe and that you can heal yourself. I request you to heal and work perfectly because you are safe. Thank you god for my perfect healthy digestive system”. After I said this, I let go off the thought and diverted my focus to my work. After 10 minutes I realised the pain disappeared. I was feeling so much better. I am truly grateful to my friend to let me know this technique and to god for all the blessings I have including this friend. Thank you!


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