Reducing unnecessary fats yet maintaining muscle strength and required energy.

I am happy to share that I have reduced weight in a healthy way without much workout. I love dance and regularly do it. However, for past 15 days I could not do regular dance or workout. Further, past four days I was not well due to cough & cold. But I always believed that I am reducing unnecessary fats every day while strengthening muscles and overall health. I regularly visualised myself in my desired body and was eating healthy natural food more compared to processed food. I eat every two to three hours in small amounts. Some 25 days back I added two extra notches to my belt as my jeans got loose due to my reduced size. Today again I added two notches because I reduced more. In coming days I will be buying new outfits of reduced size. In past 15 days I reduced 2 inches or more in waist actually without much physical exercise. I love myself and I truly appreciate my body the way it is. My appreciation is making me more perfect in shape because the law of attraction is responding to my feelings about my body. The law is responding to my joyful feelings during visualization and my gratitude towards all my blessings.

I am very happy to see how I am getting into my perfect body day by day. Now I enjoy food and feel joy everyday. I eat whatever I like in perfect quantity and at perfect time.
Visualization and gratitude has brought me appropriate food and healthy habits and is giving me desired results without much efforts. In next few days I will be resuming my dance & workout. Feeling awesome!


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