Only kindness for others will not be enough, be kind to yourself too.

Looking at people around me, I felt a need to write this post to let people know the importance of positive thoughts and feelings for self along with good thoughts and feelings for others.

In my life till now I have seen lot many people who are gem at heart. They have always been kind human beings, loving and helping others. They have always blessed people with their blessings and prayed god for the benefit of all. However, they are facing lot many challenges in their own physical well being. Though they love people, they do not love themselves. They do not feel grateful for who they are. They are ungrateful towards their own health and their body and thus have attracted lot many serious health issues. To add more into this, they are living life believing that their health issues will be with them till they are alive. There are many people who feel happy by seeing others happy but they themselves never seem to be happy and for the sake of comfort they conclude that if their family and friends are happy, they are happy. This attitude continues to bring negative life experiences to them in the form health issues, relationship issues etc. If you are not truly happy, you cannot give joy to others.

It is my humble request to everyone reading this post, that before you love others, love yourself. Before you be kind and generous to others, be kind and generous to yourself. It is good to be a nice human being but if you don’t love yourself and if you are ungrateful for your health and all the other good things in life that god has blessed you with, you are doing injustice to your god who sent you in this world for a purpose in the best of health. Neither you are serving his purpose nor you are acknowledging his blessings by being grateful. Life is precious, live it with a purpose that will serve not only god but the world. After all, god is working through you for the world. Remember!


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