Awesome communication

Since yesterday I was trying to uplift my vibes.  Everyone has their high and low moments.  I am truly grateful to have high moments more than low, in fact negligible low moments.  However, god always inspires me with incredible words and signs and boosts my frequency high.

Today, I had to accompany my elder sister and my nephew to the hospital as my nephew was not well.  Before going out for work and after returning home, always I pray to god for taking care of us.  So, today as well I prayed to god and also gave thanks in advance to raise my vibrations high.

In the hospital, I was standing in a corridor waiting for my sister and nephew who were in the doctor’s cabin.  While standing there, I was looking around and suddenly my eyes stuck on the words written on the glass wall exactly opposite to me.  I was delighted yet shocked to see the word ‘Believe’ in big letters and above that there were many other inspiring words of which the words ‘Vision’ and ‘Imagination’ caught my attention.  How wonderful this communication is from the lovely Universe.  God again inspired me to continue believing in my dreams and focus only on what I want.  These words instantly uplifted my frequency high and thereafter one after another I was receiving joyful messages and conversation with friends.  I am now feeling fabulous.  Universe is awesome.  We just need to talk to it, that’s it.  Pour your heart to the Universe, it always listens to us and does what makes us joyful.



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