A beautiful feeling

Yayyyy! Today while watering tulsi plant, out of the blue a beautiful black butterfly with pink design came flying around my shoulders. I was ecstatic and was so happy. The butterfly went away within few seconds. I followed it, however it flew away so fast and disappeared within a minute. It was so beautiful feeling. I prayed to god to bring it back so that I can see its beauty from close and if possible take a picture.😊


2 thoughts on “A beautiful feeling

  1. Some things are not meant to be clicked, just experience their presence and creation … And be joyous seeing the beautiful creation of creator…
    By your experience, one shabad comes my mind…
    Some lines from Sri guru Granth sahib ji… wanna share …
    Vismaad naad, Vismaad ved, vismaad jee, vismaad bhed,Vismaad roop, vismaad rang, vismaad naage fire jant…

    Which means …
    Wonderful is sound current of naad, wonderful is the knowledge of Vedas,
    Wonderful are the beings, wonderful are the species,
    Wonderful are the forms, wonderful are the colors ,wonderful are the beings who wander around naked…


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