Tip for visualization

This tip has always helped me to visualize in the best way and enjoy my visions and thereby create my reality.

Visualize according to the atmosphere around you. This means if you are visualizing any scenario in the early morning, visualize early morning scenario.  If you are imagining in the afternoon or evening, in your visualization let it be afternoon or evening. If you are doing it in the calmness of night, visualize a night scenario. This helps a lot because you can easily feel the atmosphere in the visualization as you are actually in that atmosphere in your physical reality. You can take help of song or music as well. Like if I desire rains, I listen to the rain songs and imagine dancing in the rains and having fun outing. This helps because the vibrations and the feelings that arise from the music instantly takes us in that atmosphere and give us joy of having it now.  Suppose I imagine a date with my dream guy then if that date is to be in the evening then I do visualization in the evening.  If I imagine enjoying work at my dream company and am doing imagination in the afternoon then I imagine an afternoon scene where I am enjoying healthy and fun filled conversations and meetings with my colleagues and afternoon tea, etc. Suppose there is a lot of noise around me, I would visualize scene where there is lot of noise like I am at my soul mate’s home after wedding and we have lot of guests. As I am actually experiencing noisy atmosphere it becomes easy to imagine similar atmosphere and scene where there is noise.  In short, what I mean to say is visualizing the same atmosphere as your physical reality makes visualization easy because you can easily feel it as real.  In case you are comfortable visualizing any scene at any time then well and good, continue with that. Our aim should be to feel and enjoy the scene as much real as possible. If you have any other tips for visualization, do share. Thanks!


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