Universe will never keep you with people who are not on the same frequency as you.

Recently I had an experience that again made me realise that I should always follow my intuition and my heart which I always do, no matter how much people around me insist to do otherwise. Because following my heart is not only for my good but for the higest good of every person concerned.

I am sharing this experience with due respect to all my friends and near and dear ones who have always been with me in all my ups and downs. Many times it happens that though people are good at heart, individual’s thought process may differ. With the working of the law of attraction, we will always see how we determine the presence of people in our life. Those people who are on the same frequency as us will stay in our life as family, friends,collegues, acquaintances, etc. and those who are not on the same frequency as us, will leave our life. This is good for everyone because every person has his or her life journey.

I was a part of a whatsapp group of old school mates created last year. It was a mile stone because after 15 years of separation, we were reunited. Everyone were crazily happy to come into contact after such a long time. It all happened with the Universe’s grace. One day I got an idea to share school group pictures on my facebook wall to remember those awesome moments. When my school mates saw the picture, everyone was so happy and within 2 days around 30-35 school mates came together on facebook and whatsapp group was created by one of our friends. For around 15 days the group was flooding with messages, approx. 700-800 messages per day. Everyone was giving me the credit for this awesome move and reunion. I was truly happy for everyone. Later I realised there were difference of opinion in conversations on various topics between the group members which is very normal. But due to insecurity of one of members in group, the focus of the group was diverted from positivity to the negativity. It was insecurity because I was given much importance in the group. In my life till now, I have never done anything to take credit or for fame. I always do what my heart says and I always try to make people positive and happy around me. I am not much active on social network except for sharing my blog posts and my knowledge and experiences about the law of attraction. When things started falling off in our group, I decided to leave the group to maintain harmony in the group because my presence was hampering peace for some members and I truly did not wanted to bother myself and them.

Later, on and off thrice I was added to the group, to give respect to my friends who wanted me in the group but I left for the same reason again. After around three months after I left the group third time, I decided to rejoin to keep my friends’ wish. Few of my friends insisted me to rejoin and ignore those people who were bothering. Though my heart said not to rejoin, I rejoined. Many people were happy for my coming back. I tried to sort out things with few members who did not wanted me in the group because its my nature that rather than ignoring people, I always try to talk and solve the issue. After all, life is not to upset eachother or blame eachother for wrong doings. Miscommunication is the main reason for hampered relationships. I even apologized to few people though it was not my mistake but I thought saying sorry will not make me small and those are my friends and ego has no place in friendship. My aim was to remove friction in relations and establish peace and harmoney. But then I realised that everyone doesnt think the way we think. The friction which I tried to remove was not removed because few group members did not wanted to do that. So I did not force them to talk to me and began ignoring their words or messages. Soon i realised that every single message or action on my part was taken personally by those handful of group members and negative reactions spoiled the group environment. May be I was attracting those negative vibes and finally I was removed from the group by one of the group members as he felt my words offensive though I did not intend to offend anyone.

Since beginning I was blamed for disrespecting members by few people which today also I am clueless about. But today I realised that not every place is made for me. My heart truly guided me to stay away from those people. So I was thrown out and I am grateful that Universe did that and I am grateful to the member who removed me because I deserve better place and people to be with. I am a straight forward person. I am not a people pleasure so sometimes people take me in a wrong way. I have learned few lessons from this experience:

1. Listen to your heart always no matter how much people say to do otherwise.

2. Be the way you are. Being straight forward is far better that back biting.

3. Be with the people whose frequency matches with you.

4. Be bold to stand on your point if you feel you are right even if no one supports you. Universe is with you, you are not alone.

5. Silence of good people for wrong doings give rise to wrong doings. So always make an effort to raise your voice against wrong doing if you feel it is required for the highest good of everyone.

6. Try to solve issues through one to one communication rather than ignoring people or commenting sarcastically to disrespect them because the law of attraction wil bring those negatives back to you. Atleast try once to initiate communication and solve the issues.

7. If you know about the law of attraction and power of positivity, share it with as number of people as possible. Many people tell me that Gargi! People everytime cannot digest too much positivity and that may create problems. What I feel is, without trying to spread positivity if we conclude that it is not appropriate to share this knowledge and positivity then this would be like we should not learn driving with the fear of unfortunate incidences. Many people don’t share about the law of attraction thinking that what people would think about them. People will think they are crazy. On this, I would request all, share your knowledge and experience about LOA atleast once with people. We need not force them to believe but atleast once we should share the knowledge, may be if he or she is ready to receive the knowledge, they can be benefitted.

These are very important lessons I learned from this experience. I am truly grateful to all my friends and god who have always supported me in all my decisions. I intend peace and joy for everyone and will continue my efforts for a better tomorrow for this world.



2 thoughts on “Universe will never keep you with people who are not on the same frequency as you.

  1. I love you for the person you are and I don’t want you to change for anybody. I love your positive energy. I prefer to have one friend like you. Thank you for being my friend…😃


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