Visualization worked – I made it

We are celebrating the festival of lights in India (called “Diwali) presently. This festival is celebrated for around 5 days with loads of fun. People make sweets and snacks at home most of the time, in rare cases we bring snacks from shops. Every year I and my mom prepare sweets and snacks at home and we just love this process because diwali is my favorite festival and we love to do all the creative things like preparing delicious snacks and drawing rangoli at the entrance door of the house as a mark of good fortune and welcome to god. We have social gatherings during this festival and people offer sweets and snacks to friends and family visiting their house.

Last year I tried few new recipes and was successful. So this year I decided to try the south Indian sweets recipe “Mysore Paak” for the first time. This recipe requires good skills and if you get hands on the techniques, you can be an expert.

Yesterday with full excitement I began preparing this sweet but something went wrong and did not get the exact outcome that I intended. The taste was good but the texture and the color was totally different than what I expected. I realised that something went wrong while preparing this yesterday. My parents too realised that some where some thing went wrong but they loved the taste. However I was not satisfied with my efforts and decided to make it once again today. I was very positive that 2nd time it will be as expected. So today morning and in the afternoon I saw different videos about this recipe and learned what was my mistake and how to do it correctly. The source from where I got the recipe yesterday was not that perfect compared to the videos I saw today. In those videos, there was one video that gave perfect guidance about the recipe. I watched that video four times and revised my learning. Then today afternoon after lunch I again made this “Mysore Paak” and it turned out awesome. Before starting to prepare I visualized the outcome I wanted and felt good. I thanked god for helping me make it to my best. And in reality it turned out awesome as I wished. My parents loved it. I too had a bite of this Mysore paak and it just melted in my mouth. I am so happy. Visualization is so powerful. I am so grateful to god that yesterday I failed in this recipe because had I not been failed I would not have watched the video today that showed perfect recipe and would not have got this delicious Mysore paak. Everything happens for a reason and god always gives us the best. Thank you so much god. Thank you thank you thank you.


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