“Lose your weight, not your peace of mind” – I attracted this book and I am feeling blessed

Hi all,

I am so happy today to share my awesome experience with you all.  First time in my life I am feeling free with regard to food.  I mean to say, I could not believe eating and losing weight could be so much fun.  As an active practitioner of deliberately creating my life in all areas, I have always been a happy girl no matter what the experience.  Many people said “Gargi! We have not seen a positive and happy girl like you.  How can you be so happy and positive all the time?” and my answer was “I know that I create my life through my thoughts and feelings and so I am happy and calm almost all the time.  I control my circumstances.  I am the creator and I am the power.”

Okay, now coming to the point.  Since past one year, getting my perfect body was on my priority list and I have always believed to lose weight in a healthy way.  I am everyday visualizing myself in my perfect body to feel awesome and now it is showing its magic.  I lost more than 8 kgs in past one year.  I have been working out regularly and enjoying eating.  However, still I have to lose few more kgs to get my perfect body.  But I am so grateful to the loving Universe for always guiding me on the correct path.  So around 20 days back I had made a new wish list on my laptop for all the areas of my life.  In that I wrote about the perfect figure and body I desire.  I always see Bollywood female actors and appreciate how they maintain them selves.  I truly get inspiration from them to maintain my body.  I always say “I look glamorous and I love to look glamorous” and I have always looked beautiful.  Credit for this goes to god and my positive attitude towards life.

As the law of attraction says, we attract what we focus on and the Universe is constantly working to fulfill our desires.  So I would say, as I was focused on feeling awesome about my body and appreciating my body every day, I attracted unexpectedly the videos of Ms. Rujuta Diwekar related to perfect health and perfect body.  I know her by name as she is the famous nutritionist in India but I was not aware that she was the guidance behind Bollywood female actor Kareena Kapoor’s weight loss and her perfect figure since past few years.  When I watched her video on YouTube, the way she explained her views and recommendations about what to eat and how to eat, I was impressed because my heart agreed to what she said.  So I watched another few videos and saw that we should eat everything and lose weight.  I was happy knowing that food can be so much fun.  Later I discontinued watching the videos and got busy in my daily routine.  I was more happy then ever because I love food and as the law of attraction books said, I always bless my food and be grateful before eating.

After I wrote my wish about my perfect figure and health in my dream journal on my computer [screen shot shared below.. see wish no. 2], within a week I attracted the book “Lose your weight and not your peace of mind” by Ms. Rujuta Diwekar for free.  I could not believe my eyes.  What happened is, one fine evening I and my sister were talking about health and workouts.  Suddenly, my sister said “Gargi! I got a book today.  It is written by the nutrionist who helped Kareena Kapoor to get perfect figure.  What is her name?”  I said “Rujuta Diwekar”.  “Yes!” my sister said.  That day my sister’s madam in her college gave her this book while they were discussing about weight loss.  The book was in marathi language [my mother tongue].  My sister is not into reading books, so she gave it to me and asked me to read and tell her the crux of the content.  I said fine, I will do it.  I was so happy and surprised, could not believe my eyes.  That day itself I started reading the book.  Everyday, I was learning wisdom about food, eating habits, nutrition and most important all the things that LOA books said ie. Feel awesome when you eat food, feel awesome about your body everyday, love your body, enjoy workouts, be positive in all the situations because a happy heart and peaceful mind helps to get all the nutrition from the food.

It has been one week I am reading this book and today I finished it.  Past one week was awesome and I believe, now all my life I would be feeling free.  On 25th October 2016, I started the balanced diet as suggested in the book and I am feeling awesome.  I am feeling free.  My whole perspective about food and eating has transformed.  Like the LOA books transformed my life in all areas, this book has transformed my food beliefs and is drawing me to a more healthy life style.  Working out has been always enjoyable for me and now I am enjoying eating especially all the healthy food that I was rarely eating.  Now I understand how to respect my stomach and all the other body parts because they are connected to the working of my stomach.  I love myself now more than ever and can now imagine myself in my perfect body.  Universe is awesome.   Everything is possible if we believe.  Now I know what food my body truly deserves.

I would suggest this book to everyone.  This book is not only for losing weight but to gain consciousness about our body, food and our health.  Eating right thing at the right time and in the right quantity is important.  This is not to promote the book but I truly appreciate whatever is written in it.  Falling prey to incorrect weight loss programs and advertisements has been increased now a days, so its important we should consciously choose which path to go.  Universe brought to me a perfect book from the best nutritionist.  Sharing here the image of the book in English.  Thank you so much god.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.  I am so happy.  Yipppeeee!!!!



[Image credit: http://www.indianmomsconnect.com]


3 thoughts on ““Lose your weight, not your peace of mind” – I attracted this book and I am feeling blessed

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I feel I have been truly blessed reading this and hope to find the book myself. I hope one day I can achieve what you have achieved and live my life in accordance with the LOA, being thankful to God and the Universe. Thank you, thank you xx


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