Nose ring – Unintentionally visualized and attracted. Truly incredible!!!

This is truly an incredible experience.  Again this has proved the power of visualization.   In fact, imagination is the creator of physical reality, this is truly a fact and not a philosophy.  Visualization is just Wow!!!!

Around 20 days back, I saw a female actor in a movie wearing a nose ring, as casual one.  As I saw her wearing a nose ring, immediately time took me into the past.  There was a time when I used to wear a nose ring.  Mine was a casual one and with a press function as I had not pierced my nose.  Few years back it was a kind of trend to wear those cool nose rings.  It felt so happy to recall those days and see the same on the TV screen.  Wow!!!

So from that day on wards, whenever I would listen to my favorite dance numbers, I would visualize myself dancing in trendy cool outfits and wearing my cool nose ring.  I enjoyed this visualization so much.  I did not intend to wear the ring in reality, but visualized just like that because it gave me so much joy.  I love to dance and it feels awesome wearing trendy casual outfits and the nose ring.  I must say I was looking damn hot and cool at the same time if I am not exaggerating, in my visualization.  Almost every day I visualized dancing wearing the nose ring.

I did not think of getting a new nose ring or finding my old one because I was not much keen in getting it in reality.  I did not care about it but continued to enjoy my dance in my imagination.  After some 10 days, I was cleaning my Mom’s wardrobe that I do regularly.  While cleaning the cabinets in the wardrobe, I found some small little items and as I was about to throw them thinking that they are not of use, my eyes rolled over when I saw two little tiny objects.  I took them on to my palm to closely look at them and to my astonishment, they were my old casual trendy cool nose rings.  Couldn’t believe this!!!  One was of gold color and the other one was silver color.  Yes! They were my old nose rings that I used to wear years back.  I was shocked.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was not the first time I was cleaning my Mom’s wardrobe but I never found these nose rings earlier and that day out of the blue, those were on my palms.  Truly incredible! Yes!.

Immediately I wore the gold colored ring and saw myself in the mirror.  It was awesome.  After such a long time, I wore a nose ring.  Truly incredible feeling.  I was more awestruck to realize that I did not intend to get this ring but I just visualized to feel joy.  But Universe brought these rings to me.  This means, for any manifestation, Universe sees only our emotions.  Our excitement and joy sets the process of creation whether we intend it or not.  Our emotions whether negative or positive are indirectly declaring our intentions.

This was a beautiful experience.  I was so happy and grateful for this joyful moment.  So recently, in the festival of Navratri [One of the festivals celebrated on grand scale with all joy and blessings in India] I wore the gold colored nose ring on my traditional outfit and within next two days I got the opportunity to wear silver colored nose ring on the eve of Dussera [10th day after celebrating 9 days of Navratri]

I captured those awesome moments in the selfie clicks.  Nose rings looked so cool, isn’t it?

I am feeling so happy, my all friends appreciated this trendy look.  What do you say?

Yipeeee…I am so happy.  Love you Universe.

Taken with Lumia Selfie
Taken with Lumia Selfie


Taken with Lumia Selfie
Taken with Lumia Selfie

2 thoughts on “Nose ring – Unintentionally visualized and attracted. Truly incredible!!!

  1. Amazing share Gargi…n you look really pretty n cool in that nose ring 😍..
    Ur experiences give me a lot of positive boost..👍👍


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