Got my desired outcome through visualization and gratitude – I am truly happy and grateful.

This is an experience related to my nephew who is 3 and half years old.  Such experiences are quite normal in families with kids.  My nephew is in Jr. KG in a popular pre-school in our city.  He is very intelligent, active and a joyful kid, and favorite of all in his school as well as at home.  He just steals everyone’s heart wherever he goes.  Last month he had a minor fracture in his left hand, due to which he took leave for around 15 days.  In past two months and for last few days, he had lot many leaves due to fracture and later due to viral fever.  Due to this break, he missed out important lessons of Hindi [Indian language] and he could not learn it fast.  This made him quite upset and he lost interest in studying Hindi lessons in the school.  He started showing disinterest going to school.  Everyday, he would just cry in the morning and would avoid getting out of his bed saying “I don’t want to go school, I don’t like school, everyone is bad, etc.”  My sister has less patience compared to my mom and me and she really gets angry if my nephew cries or avoids going to school.  Two days back again the same thing was repeated.  My nephew was not ready to get up in the morning for school and started crying and as usual my sister started yelling on him like anything.  Her yelling would result in his crying to a higher pitch but my sister would not listen to him and force him to go to school.  We never like such scenes like shouting, crying and forcefully sending him to school.

I always prayed to god for giving patience and positivity to my sister and love to my nephew so that he could enjoy his schooling.  But some how my prayers were not showing results.  Everyday my sister would get irritated and angry on my nephew and would complain to my brother in law [her husband] about my nephew’s odd behavior, who stays in different city due to his job there.  Whenever, my sister is at our place, my parents go to drop him at school in the morning and I and my dad would pick him up from the school in the afternoon.  This is our routine everyday when they [my sister and my nephew] are at our place.  Two days back my nephew told my mom on the way to school that he doesn’t understand Hindi lessons and so he doesn’t want to go to school, he feels boring.  My mom made him understand how important it is to go to school.  Even my sister got fed up explaining him the importance of education and school.  We told him, that the school and the teachers are so good and he will love it but still this scene continued every morning.  Day before yesterday while going to school to pick up my nephew, I prayed to god that please help him to enjoy his schooling, help him to make good friends and love his teachers.  I prayed to god that please help his teachers to love him.  I knew they do loved him always but still I prayed for that.

On reaching school, I met his teacher who was waiting with kids near the school gate.  Teachers are required to stay at school till all the kids go home with their parents/guardians.  So as I met his teacher, she told me that “Why since past few days, he was continuously saying that I don’t feel good, I want to go home, I don’t like to study. etc.”?  She said “He is not at all interested in studies, so please take care of him, may be this is because of his 15-20 days leave due to fracture and ill health that he is now finding it difficult to resume studies like before.  Though I informed her that he sincerely studies at home, I was not happy what I heard from the teacher.  I assured her that I will take care of him and he will definitely do good in coming days.

Though I am younger than my sister, still I tried to explain her that she need to take this seriously but without scolding him.  I told her to talk to him and make him understand what positive things are there about the school, teachers and studies.  My nephew said that he wants to go back to his previous school in the city where my brother in law stays [his dad] and did not want to study in this school.  I was feeling so helpless, I did not understand how to explain my sister that her negative thoughts, her feelings of anger and irritation, and complaining about my nephew’s this behavior was increasing this more and more because the law of attraction was responding to her thoughts and feelings all the time.

So for this issue, I could see only one solution and that was “Visualization and gratitude”.  So that day before going to bed, I visualized my nephew enjoying his studies in the school and his teachers appreciating him and seemed very happy.  I visualized his teachers saying to us that now he is doing very good in studies like before and they are very happy with his performance.  I could clearly see the joyful faces of his teachers.  Also I visualized my nephew getting reading for school joyfully and my sister was happy with this.  I could see my sister and my nephew very happy in my visualization.  After doing visualization for few minutes, I thanked god for the desired outcome and went to sleep.

The next day when I went to pick him up at school, I hesitantly asked his teacher whether he studied properly and to my utter delight, his teacher smiled and said “Yes! today he studied and also wished me good morning”.  She said “may be I think you made him understand about the studies and all so he took interest in studies today and did well”.  I responded to her saying that may be he is new in this city and the school, so he was behaving that way.  On this, his teacher said “No! He has always been a bright student since day one at this school.  She further continued saying that “He is among those students who are notorious yet intelligent and excellent in studies but may be due to his much leaves and all, he lost his interest but today he did well”.  I was very happy seeing his teacher smiling and appreciating him.  My visualization and gratitude worked.  I shared this good news with everyone at home.  All were so happy.  Also now he gets ready for school with a joyful face in the morning and this makes my sister and all of us very happy.

My visualization and gratitude about his everyday morning routine also manifested the way I imagined.  Day before yesterday I imagined him and my sister laughing and getting ready for school and yesterday morning exactly that happened.  Both were so much laughing while talking and getting ready.  It was fun watching both of them so happy.   Now every night I visualize his morning and day in advance and it does makes his and our day joyful.

Just imagine that if my sister would have believed in the power of visualization, gratitude and the existence of the law of attraction, she could have transformed this situation from negative to positive easily the way I did it for her and my nephew.

Now you can see how important it is to know our powers and the way we can use it for our as well as others’ benefit.  My nephew’s this issue seemed impossible to change and my sister was so worried what to do but I knew the solution and Universe helped me.

I hope this story will inspire all the parents out there who are facing challenges with their kids.  I would request all the parents, “Please Please Please! do not yell at your kid if he is behaving odd or not behaving the way you want him to behave because its your thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are shaping his world.  His life experiences are created by your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about him.  It is not his fault but yours, so only you can change it.  You are responsible for his day to day life experiences like you are responsible for your own life.  Understand the working of the law of attraction and save your child from your negative moods because your negativity is creating negative life experiences for him and you both.



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