Back on the floor! Visualization and gratitude worked again.

Again visualization and gratitude worked and this makes me feel awesome.

From past two days my four year old nephew was not well and was on and off feeling less active compared to his usually hip hop jumping and playing. Still one good thing about him was in this illness he did not miss any chance to play with us, laugh and enjoy. He is such a power house.

Today morning something unusual happened and it not only disturbed my nephew but also all of us at home. As my nephew woke up and stepped out of the bed putting his feet on the floor, he started crying and could not walk properly. I immediately asked him what happened and he said he could not walk properly as his legs are paining. I took him in my laps and asked my sister (his mom) to hold him and take him to the living as he is finding it difficult to walk. My sister and my parents all were surprised to see this and tried their best to know why his legs were paining and what happened exactly but he did not tell us anything except that the pain was in both of his thighs and he can’t even stand. Till previous night everything was completely fine, so this made us more worried what might have happened.

Yesterday doctor had asked some tests for my nephew so today morning we went to the prescribed laboratory. He was not ready to put his feet on floor, so I held him in my lap and carried him all the way to the 2nd floor of the building where the laboratory was located. After the test was done, I and my sister came downstairs and I carried him in my lap till we sat in the auto rickshaw. While on the way to home, sitting in the auto rickshaw, I closed my eyes for a minute and visualised my nephew running, laughing and playing at home. I was so happy to see him back on the floor in my visualization and gave gratitude to god for his perfect legs and perfect health. I did not tell about my visualization to anyone at home. We reached home at 10:45 am. My sister made him rest on the bed while I got busy with my work. Later in the afternoon, to my delight my nephew slowly tried to step down from the bed and within half an hour he started running, laughing and playing with my mom. I was not surprised because I knew my visualization will manifest. I could not be more happy than seeing my baby nephew running and laughing. Universe did the magic. My faith enhanced more with this experience. We have the power to heal and to create our reality the way we want. Thank you so much god. Love you.


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