Lost and found!

This is a very simple yet awesome experience. With every experience I am learning more and more about how we can use our words to attract what we want. In case of this experience I used visualization to find lost items at my home and through this process got a good affirmation to use in future to find my lost items.

Now the thing is few days back three items got misplaced at my home here and there, and even after trying my best to search them, I could not find any of them. Those things were –

1. Black color cap of my internet dongle –> I was working on my laptop sitting on my bed in the bed room. Later I went to the living room with my laptop and sat there working for an hour. After I finished my work, I went to the bedroom to take the cap of the dongle and my laptop bag but to my utter surprise could not find the cap. I searched every where I thought I could find it but could not get it. Even my parents and sister were unaware where it could be. So I let the thought go thinking it would be somewhere in the house only and will get it soon.

2. Computer remote –> Yesterday night my dad was watching news on our desktop computer. We have TV tuner installed on our desktop PC and it has small remote like thin pad, very small in size (palm size). So while dad was watching the news, suddenly power went off due rains and lightening outside. After around 15 minutes power was back but remote was not. Sounds funny but yes dad or probably my 4 year old new had put the remote somewhere and forgot. By the time power came, my nephew was asleep and as usual dad started asking everyone “Where is the remote?”. We did not know where it was. I told dad not to worry as it would be some where in the house but dad was not convinced as he has less patience and wanted remote then and there. However, we did not bother because we were very busy in other work. So mom too asked dad to calm down and try to find the remote. Dad got angry so we too got annoyed. But I then applied my power of thoughts and was successful.

3. Orange color saree pin –> My sister always pin up a handkerchief with an orange color saree pin on my nephew’s t-shirt (uniform) while getting him ready for the school. So last week when my sister and my nephew were at our place for the weekend, the next day ie. on Monday, as usual my sister used that saree pin to tuck his handkerchief on his t-shirt. In the afternoon when I was getting him change his school uniform with casual dress, I removed the handkerchief and the pin. The next day again while sending him to school, my sister was looking for this pin but couldn’t find it anywhere. We searched everywhere but to no avail. Then we just carried on with our routine and did not much bother about finding the pin.

As and when I realised that we are not able to find those things which are in the house only, I did visualization. I visualised all the three things we found one by one and gave gratitude to god to help us find those things. Now you would smile when I tell you where we found those things. How and when those things went there (where we found it) we don’t know but god made us look at those places for some other reason and we found those lost things unexpectedly.

The computer remote was found under the bed in the living room which my mom found while cleaning the floor yesterday night, means within few minutes of my visualization and gratitude. The black cap of my internet dongle was found yesterday morning inside the stationery pouch that my nephew uses for keeping his pencils and erasers. The orange color saree pin I found tonight in the living room on the bed. We have a single bed and a sofa set in the living room. This pin was stuck in between the wall and the attached bed. As the bedsheet was of orange shade, the pin was not easily visible but when I removed the bedsheet today I found the pin. You wont believe, I remove the bedsheet everyday while cleaning the room but the pin was seen tonight only and not earlier. The most interesting thing happened was, today I and my sister were dicussing something and she asked me to give one word name for something thats lost and then found, so I said to her “Lost and found?”, she said yes “Lost and found” and then we both were smiling. Our discussion was not related to those lost items but a totally different subject but our repeated words “Lost and found” helped us to set the universal forces into motion unintentionally to find this saree pin. Seriously, this pin couldn’t have struck my eyes had Universe not helped me in this. Now I think this statement “Lost and found” with joyful feelings as if we found the lost thing can be a good affirmation that can be used in the future to find lost or misplaced items.

We are powerful indeed. This is how positive thoughts and feelings are capable of making impossible things possible.

Universe is loving and amazing. Life is so easy and awesome. Isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Lost and found!

  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Gargi………I had lost my one of the receipt….it was not so much important but still wanted it in my hands..I got panic as I realised that I lost my receipt and started searching everywhere after few minutes suddenly one thought clicked in my mind…when I read this post the day before I lost my receipt I told myself I will use this when I want to find something lost…see how quick the law works the immediate next day I got opportunity to use it…so I let go the thought of lost receipt and believed it will be in my hands soon…Today morning while flipping the pages of a book I saw some piece of paper folded and to my happiness when I unfold it…it was the receipt I was searching for….Thank you so much God…and thanks Gargi for the post..


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