I believed and money came -Align your frequency to the frequency of abundance

Past few days were difficult. I was short of finance but still I was able to keep myself calm and stable only because of god’s grace and the knowledge about the law of attraction. I wanted to attract money for my needs and I did everything I needed to do. I am presently searching for a perfect job and had limited money in my bank but as I knew the power of my beliefs, visualization and gratitude, I was determined that god is arranging for money and I will do everything to raise my vibrations from lack of money to abundant money. I told Universe, that I want my own funds, it is easy to borrow from family and friends but I don’t want to do it. I believe, I will receive my own funds, so please god give me strength, patience and peace that money is coming. I visualized money flooding from all directions to me and saw myself in the middle of the sea of money. I envisioned god saying to me “Gargi! This money is yours”. When I heard this, I was literally crying out of joy and screaming “I am a multi multi multi multi billionaire”. I was feeling so happy when I visualized this and heard what god said, the feeling was awesome. At that time, my full focus was to feel abundance with regards to money though I believed money was coming but feelings of lack were there that needed to be replaced by the feelings of abundance and joy. I have read a book on visualization named “The Law and the Promise” by Nivelle Goddard. In that book one experience shared was regarding attracting money through visualization and feeling of abundance. It was so powerful to attract money. So I tried to visualize in the same way but I made a scene in my visualization a bit different because in that book it was not specifically mentioned what to visualize. It was only mentioned that the person visualised money flooding from all the directions. So I visualized the following:

I was standing in front of a huge mansion surrounded by green fields. It was so huge, I couldn’t even describe it. The surrounding and the mansion both were so beautiful. I went to the main door of the mansion. It was a huge door made of metal, probably gold. I was alone there. Suddenly I saw a card in my hands. It was written “Gift for you” and there was beautiful artistic key stuck on this card. It was the key to the main door of the mansion. I took the key and opened the door and was spell bound to see what was inside the mansion. The mansion was spread in huge area. It was so large that I couldn’t clearly see where the mansion ended. As I entered the mansion, I could only see Indian currency notes all around. When I took further few steps, I realised notes are flooding in from all the directions and from ceiling as well with full force. Within few minutes the level of currency notes reached my waist and I could not even stand properly. I was jumping with joy in the middle of the sea of currency notes. Later I saw huge pots made of metal those were containing gold bars and gold coins. I took a bar on my palms and could feel the weight of it and it was so heavy. Then I took gold coins. As I was looking at all these stuff filled in this huge area of the mansion, I saw a white light coming from one of the windows of the mansion. I looked at that light and within few seconds, heard a voice saying “Gargi! This is all yours”. I realised it was god speaking to me. I said “God, I want right now only 60,000 rupees and not this much huge amount. On this god said, “You deserve this huge amount and so I am giving it to you. Gargi! You have lot many tasks to accomplish and I know you are doing your best in fulfilling your responsibilities. You deserve abundance in money and in all respect. This all money and all the gold you are seeing continuously flooding in this mansion all over is yours, only yours. I want you to spend this money for your needs and for the betterment of this world and I believe you will surely do that. You deserve to be a multi multi multi multi billionaire Gargi”. As I heard these words of god, I could stop crying out of feeling of love and gratitude god gave me. I was continuously thanking god for his love. After god went back and the light disappeared, I took the amount of money I needed in a small bag and came out of the mansion. I managed to close the huge door as the money was spilling out because of continuous inflow of currency notes from all the directions. After closing the mansion’s main door, with wets eyes and a heart filled with love and gratitude for god, I kept gazing at the mansion for few minutes standing in the green field. As I opened my eyes after visualising this, I was crying and screaming “I am a multi multi multi multi billionaire, god! thank you thank you thank you so much god”. I said”God! Keep the key of the mansion with you and the money too. Give me money from your treasure in the mansion whenever I need it” and I was smiling. This feeling of abundance, love and gratitude was fantabulous. For the next few days I couldn’t see any real money coming to me but I did not lose hope. I believed money was coming. I visualised that my bank balance has increased and that all my money needs were perfectly fulfilled and gave my heartfelt gratitude everyday for all the blessings. Still no sign of real money, however my belief was strong. I knew I will get my own funds. I was expecting a payment but couldn’t see it coming. I left everything on the loving Universe and kept myself out of hows and whens about attracting money. Day before yesterday I casually checked my bank account if there was any credit and was delighted to see a credit of 27k. Now my bank balance was 30k in place of 3k earlier, I couldn’t stop saying thank you to loving Universe and was having tears of joy. I know and believe more money is coming in most perfect ways. I can now pay all my dues for this month and am sure that I will get my perfect job soon. Thank you so much god. Like every other thing in this Universe, money too is a vibration, align yourself to the feeling of abundance and attract abundance. Be grateful everyday for all your blessings and most important, have unwavering faith in loving god. Faith can move mountains. I am writing this with wet eyes as I recalled words of god. Thank you thank you thank you.


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