Have you ever experienced this? – Power of visualization

Has anybody experienced this?

A while back I was visualizing being in my dream company working and talking to my colleagues.  I have not seen the company from inside and I have never met anyone till now from that company but for past two months on and off I am visualizing working in that company.  I have created my own visuals regarding the entrance glass door, the interior of the office and an outline of my colleagues, I say outline because I have not seen anyone there so I just visualize the appearance that too not with clarity but I speak to them and they feel real to me.  Yesterday I told god to show me interior of that office as I have not been there, I have only seen the picture of the building from outside where the office is located.  Earlier I had tried a lot to find an inside picture but did not get any online.  So yesterday I asked god to help and to my delight I got a picture of the entrance of that company’s office with the name board of the company on one of the websites.  That entrance is similar to what I had imagined but not exact.  However, now I know how it looks like, so a while back I was visualizing myself working there.

In my vision –

I was in the office near my desk talking to three of my colleagues.  One guy who sits besides me and two girls who sits at other place in my department.  When I was visualizing talking to them, the face and appearance of one girl became crystal clear to me.  I saw her features, body and everything clearly.  Later in my imagination, I was called by IT department for some work.  I went to IT department and there I spoke to a guy, the guy’s appearance was not clear but within few seconds I could see his face, his body and everything clearly.  If I see those people in reality, I could recognize them.  I am feeling so happy and grateful that i have got into my dream company and people their are so good, intelligent and mature.   This has not happened with me earlier, how could I see my colleagues clearly if I have not seen them yet, not even in pictures.  Has this happened with you?


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