Orange wooden elephant – A unique gift

Day before yesterday I was feeling quite low due to some reasons. All day I tried my best to uplift my frequency and feel better and to some extent I was able to keep my thoughts and feelings positive. By the evening that day I was having headache and couldn’t do any work. Somehow I managed to finish my routine chores and at night before going to bed I thanked god for the good things happened during the day and gave my gratitude in advance for relief from headache and asked Universe to help me raise my vibrations.

As I closed my eyes to sleep, I saw a vision as a flash. This is very usual thing for me because since past many years I see flashes while I began to sleep. Many times I get answers to my present issues in those flashes and some times I just see and forget about what I saw in those visions. These are not dreams. I do see dreams in sleep but those flashes I see are only for few seconds or a minute and as soon as I see those flashes I wake up instantly. And also the good thing is I always see positive and pleasant things in those flashes.

The night before yesterday, as I closed my eyes, I saw someone gave me gift box. I couldn’t see the face who gave me the box but only saw hands that gave me the box. I opened the gift wrapped box and took out the gift. It was a small orange colored wooden elephant. As I took out this elephant from the box, I heard a voice clearly saying “This is a gift from God”. As I heard this voice, I woke up. I was quite surprised why I saw this vision and why elephant and that too as a gift? After thinking about this for a minute I fell asleep.

The next morning I remembered this vision and thought to find out what does elephant symbolizes. First I searched for orange wooden elephant’s picture on the web. I found a picture that was similar to what I saw in the vision. (See the screen shot at the end of this post).

Later I searched for what elephant symbolizes and I found two really good articles about this. When I read those articles I was so happy because it literally gave a message to me about my present situation and it also said how close elephant is to the god. Elephant is the only animal that gives only positivity. It also mentioned that elephant too do deliberate manifestations like us. There are many other really knowledge stuff in those articles and a clear message to me from god that I am on the correct path and my dreams are on its way of manifestation.

If you are reading this post, then do read those articles, they are really awesome. I am truly grateful to god for this message and guidance. As I read those articles I remembered that the previous day as it was my birthday, my mom had asked me “What have you asked god for your birthday gift?” and I said “Mom, I have not asked for anything because god has given me everything”. When I remembered this conversation, I realised that this gift of elephant in my vision was my birthday gift from god and it was the best gift I could ever receive. Thank you so much god😊. Sharing here the link to those articles.



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