A tiny heart

Few minutes back I was cutting Papaya fruit and was talking to the Universe (god) that “God! you are so easy going, you are so loving, you are so beautiful, you always love us no matter how we behave at times and you always fulfill our wishes, you guide us everywhere in the best way” and then holding a piece of papaya in my hand I said “God! first you have this papaya as my devotional offering to you as Prasad (holy offering) and then I will have it, I don’t have patience to formally do Prasad offering (by traditional process) as I want to eat this papaya piece right now and I can’t wait. After saying this, I ate it. It was so sweet and yummy. I gave my heartfelt thanks to god for such sweet awesome papaya. As I continued cutting papaya, I saw down on the table where papaya juice’s drops were fallen while cutting, in that I saw this tiny heart made from that fallen juice on table. I was so elated and happy. When I was talking to the Universe, I was so so happy and Universe increased my joy by showing this love sign. Universe is so so loving. Couldn’t believe this cute ♥ heart appeared. Isn’t this amazing? Love you god. Sharing here the picture of it.


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