Chill and trust the Universe

Just now I did a new thing and after doing that I am feeling better compared to earlier. Today I was feeling a bit low due to the time it is taking for my big dreams that are yet to be manifested. Thinking that they are taking time, I was upset. I cried a lot in the afternoon but then in the evening somehow I was trying my best to feel positive and better. I urged god to help me feel amazing about my all dreams because I believe in them. To uplift my frequency I listened to my favourite songs, did my workout, listened to esther hick’s audio, etc. Had a normal chat with my parents and shared thoughts on various aspects as we everyday do. But somehow I wanted to feel better. Then I began thinking all the positive things that have happened till now regarding each of my dreams. Suddenly I thought to note down all the positive things happened towards manifestation of my dreams. I did this for one of my goals. And tomorrow I will do it for all the goals. I noted down one by one all the positive things happened towards manifestation of my goal till now. When I finished writing all the points that came to my mind, I counted them, they were 28 points. I couldn’t believe how much Universe has brought things in my favour towards manifesting my dream. I expressed my heartfelt gratitude to the Universe for bringing all the things in my favour for my dreams. Before writing those 28 points, I wrote 10 blessings for today. I wrote about all the good things happened today and expressed my heartfelt gratitude for all of them. I learned how much favours Universe is doing for manifesting my dreams and now I will surely try everyday to focus on all the positive things happening for manifesting my dreams and do best what I can. Today again I saw the words as title on Abraham-Hick’s video “Chill and trust the Universe” and the time period of the video was mentioned “11:11” again the divine no. I believe Universe is working for my dreams and after all I am Universe’s doll, someone said that and I believe in that. Universe has always fulfilled my tiniest wishes then how would it forget my biggest wishes. I know everything is happening in the best way for all my dreams. I want you people to believe in all your dreams and have unwavering faith in the Universe that you are Universe’s doll and Universe is working for all your desires.😊


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