Law of attraction – Love Life and Marriage

Past few days I have received lots of queries regarding how to manifest love life and marriage through intentionally applying the law of attraction.  So I thought to put some light on this topic in today’s blog post.  I have given here different situations regarding love life and marriage and how the law of attraction works in those situations.

–> You want your desired soulmate but you don’t know who he/ she is

If you are looking for your soulmate, you must be having some qualities in mind which you are expecting while searching for your life partner.  Write down all those qualities you desire in your soulmate and write “Thank you so much god for giving me my soulmate and blessing us with a blissful married life”.  Once you do this, believe that god [Universe] will give you your soulmate at the most perfect time and in the most beautiful ways.  Especially in India, we have a tradition of arranged marriage where parents of a girl/guy find soulmate for them.  If you are looking for an arranged marriage, take all the actions which needs to be taken for searching for a suitable pair after you have done the above [writing your wish].  If you believe in Love marriage and wants yours to be a love marriage then just believe that you will meet your soulmate at the perfect time in the most unexpected ways and your dream marriage would manifest.  Universe is so loving, it loves all of us and always wants everyone to be the happiest. So have unwavering faith in the loving Universe and believe you will get your soulmate.

–> You love a guy [if you are a girl]/ a girl [if you are a guy] and want to marry but he or she is not feeling the way you feel

Many times it happens that you love someone and want to marry him/her but that person doesn’t have the same feelings for you.  People ask me in such situation, how to get that person as their soulmate.  Now it is important to know that the deliberate application of the law of attraction for getting that person’s love and manifesting marriage would work if that person is your soulmate and is on the same frequency as yours.  If he/she is not your soulmate, then you won’t be able to get them as your soulmate no matter how much efforts you put into applying the law of attraction because you cannot create anything in other person’s life against his/her free will.  So the question is now how could we know that he/she is our soulmate?  When I have any question in my mind for which I am seeking answer from the Universe, I ask for signs.  Sign could be any thing which you feel impossible to see around you like a particular kind of a bird, flower, feather, or any image or any words that is rarely seen or impossible to see in the normal course.  Whatever you feel proper to ask as a sign, you can ask.  I suggest, any rare thing because when you see it, you immediately understand that you have got the sign that you asked for.  Be open to see your sign anywhere, you could see the sign in reality or on television or in the journal or newspapers or greeting cards or toys or hoardings or calendar or simply anywhere.  Universe always does amazing things and so regarding the signs.   When you get crystal clear [absolutely clear] sign that he/she is your soulmate, then your belief will be strong in your wish and it will manifest.

When you get your sign that he/she is your soulmate, you need to believe that he/she will be yours at the perfect time and in the most beautiful way.  Universe will manifest it at the perfect time.  Your job is to give joyful feelings as if your dream marriage has already manifested and that you both are happily married.  Your job is not to think about the HOW(s) and WHEN(s), that is Universe’s job.  Visualize yourself happily married to your soulmate.  Visualize all the beautiful moments you would spent being married to him/her.  When you visualize all the details like your engagement, marriage, happy married life etc. you will feel the intense joy and that is the correct frequency you have put into the Universe and the Universe will surely manifest your desire at perfect time.  Have faith in divine timings and never doubt god’s capabilities of manifesting your desires because doubtful thoughts pushes your desires away as the law of attraction is constantly responding to your thoughts and feelings.    If you feel he/she is not with you, then these lack feelings will attract more situations that will make you feel more low.

If you did not get a sign that he/she is your soulmate, don’t be disappointed, rather do what I have mentioned in the first para above like writing all the qualities you desire in your soulmate and expressing heartfelt gratitude in advance to the Universe for manifesting your soulmate.  Always remember, initially you may feel that you can be happy only with the person whom you love though he/she doesn’t have feelings and you may repeatedly urge Universe to manifest your marriage with him/her some how, but believe me Universe will give you your soulmate and when you meet your soulmate [guy/girl other than whom you love right now], you will surely forget about the person you loved and you would fall in deep love with your soulmate because god wants both of you to be the happiest.  Trust the Universe.

–> You love a guy [if you are a girl]/ a girl [if you are a guy] and want to marry each other but other issues are there like family resistance, etc

In this case again your BELIEF in your dream marriage holds importance.  What you believe you receive.  So no matter how much difficult it may seem to convince your family or solving any other problems, if you believe, you can manifest your desire.  Trust in the Universe’s power.  BELIEVE that the Universe has the power to do impossible.  If there is any such issue regarding your marriage, first of all believe that you will get what you want.  Give out correct frequency of joy as if you have got your desire by visualizing yourself happily married to your love and that all the family members and friends are very happy for your marriage.  Visualize and feel the joy of your family members when your marriage gets fixed and then when you are married.  After you do visualization and feel awesome as if already married to your love, believe that it will happen at the perfect time.  DO  NOT DOUBT on the Universe’s capability to turn things in your favor and manifest your desires because if you doubt, then your doubts would manifest and not your desires.  The law of attraction is working all the time and responding to our thoughts and feelings.  So keep your feelings joyful as if you have already received what you have asked for and believe that everything will turn out in your favor at the perfect time and in the perfect way.  When you are constantly on correct joyful frequency, problems automatically get resolved and you will get what you desire.  Have faith in divine timings.

–> You were in a relationship but now the relationship is not going the way you want and you want to improve it and manifest your dream marriage

If there is any problem in your relationship and you want to improve it and manifest your dream marriage then I would suggest you to start with gratitude.  Everyday write down at least 10 things you feel to be grateful for, about your loved person and your relationship.  In addition to this, visualize yourself happily married to that person and feel the joy and excitement as if you have actually married to him/her.  Believe that everything will fall in place at the perfect time and in the most amazing ways.  Universe has immense powers to manifest your desires and you need to help the loving Universe to manifest your desires, by giving out joyful thoughts and feelings as if you have already received what you have asked for.  When you express heartfelt gratitude for your loved person and your relationship, you will see how magically your love life improves and your marriage is manifested.  A grateful heart attracts more and more stuff to be grateful for and when it comes to a relationship it creates a magical transformation on both the sides.

–> You and your love broke-up but you want him/her back in your life and have a happy married life

Everyday write down at least 10 things you feel to be grateful for, about your loved person and your relationship.  In addition to this, visualize yourself happily married to that person and feel the joy and excitement as if you have actually married to him/her.  Give him/her deep love through your thoughts and feelings.  If you have a photograph of both of you or only him/her, look at the photograph and give deep love to him/her through your thoughts and feelings.  Believe that everything will fall in place at the perfect time and in the most amazing ways.  Universe has immense powers to manifest your desires and you need to help the loving Universe to manifest your desires, by giving out joyful thoughts and feelings as if you have already received what you have asked for.  When you express heartfelt gratitude for your loved person and your relationship, you will see how magically your love life improves and your dream marriage is manifested.  A grateful heart attracts more and more stuff to be grateful for and when it comes to a relationship it creates a magical transformation on both the sides.


I hope this post will help you to understand how the law of attraction creates our love life and marriage.






26 thoughts on “Law of attraction – Love Life and Marriage

  1. Hello Gargi,
    Thank you for a great article.
    I have a situation I am feeling problematic about regarding my marriage.
    I have been with this Guy for almost a year and we both want to get married, but because we were from a very conservative background we could not gather up the courage to say that to our parents. But, a month back I got to know about the Law of Attraction and with his permission I started applying it, doing my visualizations, saying positive affirmations and writing about it in the present form. What happened in the next two weeks was magical because both of us got the courage to talk to our families and we said it. Now, my family agreed to our match, but his family didn’t and because of the pressure from families that now we should not talk, we have stopped talking to each other, but somewhere I have this belief that we are destined to be married. So, for this, I am still doing all the exercises, but because this problem came up I have a feeling that maybe because I am holding on to the dream and almost obsessively doing the visualizations and all, I am getting stuck. My question now is shall I keep doing the techniques because some say that we need to focus on our dreams every day or shall I let go and what exactly shall I do to let it go.? Shall I stop doing all the techniques altogether or shall I do for just about that time and then go on with my day normally? I am very confused on this one, please help me here.


    1. Hi Kancha, thanks for your comment. I suggest you, kindly continue with your visualization and affirmations. Ensure that you feel good when you do them. If at anytime you feel obsessed, avoid doing those exercises. It is not necessary to do them all the time but it is important tbat you feel good most of the time. Focus on other areas of your life. Occupy yourself with activities that you love. Most important, have faith in divine ways and timings to manifest your desires.


      1. Thank you so much for your response, you have cleared all my doubts now. Much love and happiness to you 🙂


  2. Thanq soo much yes Maine apne frndz love ko bola ki Papa maan gye h US time mujhe boht khushi mili(but abhi tk haan ni bola hain papa NE) raat ko maine sapna dekha uske ghr Wale baat krne aaye h bade Papa ready h but Papa ni maan re the but gussa bhi ni kr re the.. Is this any sign ki humari shadi hone wali h


      1. me and my BF are in relationship from last 4 year and we both want to marry.. Bich Mai Maine break up bhi kiya but hum waps rltnshp me aa gye uske family wale marriage ke liye Ready but mere ghr wale ni maan re to uske parents NE uski engagement krwa di but usne tod diva we both really want to marry..we want to live together forever..can u plz help


      2. Hi, thanks for your question. If you both want to marry eachother and live happily ever after, you can definitely do that. Aap God se pray karo and bolo aap kya chahte ho and vishwas rakho ki God sab thik kar denge and apke parents khushi se maan jayenge apki shaadi usse karvane ke liye. Har roz jab bhi aap acha feel kare, visualize kariye ki aapki shaadi apke bf se ho gayi hai and sabhi parivar ke log khush hai. Har roz, apko sahi mein dil se khush rehna hai jaise ki wakai mein apki shaadi ho gayi hai. Apko yeh nai sochna hai ki kaise parents manenge, kaise wo convince honge and kab shaadi hogi. Yeh sab chize God karenge apke liye. Apko, sirf god ko thanks bolna hai har wakt unn saari chizo ke liye jo abhi apki life mein sahi ho rahi hai and achi ho rahi hai. Aap jab khush rahoge, tab aap ko jo chahiye wo aap attract kar payenge. Agar aap tension karoge, to problems badhengi. So, aap relax karo and khush raho kyu ki sab acha hi hoga jaise aap chahte ho. Yeh sab chize aap apne bf ko bhi bolo kare. Usse bhi bolo khush rahe and visualize kare ki ap dono shaadi karke khush hai aur parivar bhi khush hai. Ho sake to har roz raat ko sone se pehle visualize kare ki aap apke bf ke saath uske ghar mein so rahe ho and apki shaadi ho gayi hai jaisa ki real mein hoga. Aap visualize karoge tab khush feel karo as if it is real. God fir dekho sab thik kar denge.


  3. Hi…. We have been in relationship fpr almost 6 years now. My parents are fine ..but his parents told us very clearly few yes ago that they cannot gwt as married at any cost. He is crazy foe me as I am…but he broke up not because he doe not love me but because he says tgay will not be agreeing. I read your article on this issue… I practice visualization everyday… what else can I do? I imagine positive situations in my mind everyday


    1. Hello,

      I can say only one thing, if you believe that you both are meant for each other, then just believe. All will fall into place perfectly. Have faith in divine timings. Don’t try to force things to make it happen. Let him go, if he is meant for you, he will come back with his parents to talk for marriage. If not, then Universe will bring the best person for you. In any case, first you have to let go him. Divert your mind and do things that make you feel happy.


  4. I was in relationship ,we were like we are almost married in our thoughts,but now the guy says we are not destined there are no matching factors for us to get marry, my life doesn’t suits for marriage life and all,so I am like I want him to be my life partner but he is not
    agreeing,so how to manifest this?


    1. Hello Monisha, thanks for your comments. See you can’t control other person’s behaviour by law of attraction. If the guy is not ready to get married to you, you need to let him go. If you and him are vibrational match to eachother, you both will be together and married and if not, you will receive the one who is the vibrational match to you ie…the guy and the marriage that you are asking for. You might be asking for a particular person, however, Universe knows what you truly desire and whats best for you. If this guy is best for you, you will be married to him, else the best will come to you. First you have to let go of this guy and continue being happy. Have faith in God. God will do the best for both of you.



    2. Thank u …but I m in a situation where I can’t allow any other person into my life..I m so helpless for dis can u suggest what to do at any cost I should marry him otherwise the concept of marriage won’t be there for me …do help me


    3. Hi Monisha,

      See I can understand your situation. However, I would like to tell you that if you say you want to marry him at any cost then you are forcing things to happen the way you want and thats the mis-use of the deliberate creation process. How would you like if someone whom you don’t love or intend to marry does any such things to marry you at any cost? Will you marry anyone whom you don’t love, will God do that? No. Because the law of attraction doesn’t work that way. You cannot use deliberate creation process to change other person’s behaviour, instead you have to allow the Universe who knows in and out about your desires to do things for you. For that you have to Trust the Universe and let go of the control on this situation. Let the guy decide about this relationship if he wants to go further because it is his life and you can’t force him to marry you. If you let him go, there would be chances of him coming back and if not, the one who is made for you will come to you. First you have let go of control you want to hold right now. Anyway you don’t have control on other’s life and so if you try to make things happen, it will be a futile exercise that will hurt you more than now. So relax and let Universe work for both of you in the best way. And right now it may feel to you that if you don’t marry him, you wont be able to marry any other person, that’s not true because if you have created your desired guy in you imagination with your love emotions, God will manifest him and you both will be happy. You won’t understand it right now. So have faith and relax. All will be well.


  5. I have been in a great relationship for a couple of months. At first we were best of friends and later in a relationship. Everything went on as smoothly and beautifully as i could have possibly thought of. I had used the law of attraction initially with him when I manifested the relationship I wanted.
    i don’t know where things went wrong. We started fighting alot. He began to neglect me and shifted me from top to bottom of his priority list. He travels alot so that was his excuse for not having time. Also I began to cry much more so his reluctance to talk increased. He started avoiding talking to me so that I don’t cry afterwards. After all this I ultimately broke this relationship as I didn’t find any other way out. At my surprise he didn’t object or even show a bit of opposition to this decision I made. I asked him if he was happy and he said that he was fine.
    I love him. I still do. And I know he does too. I want things to be like before but I have cried soo much. He took it in just a laid-back manner which disappointed me even more. The feelings were mutual but the effort wasn’t. I tried to use the law of attraction once again now to bring back that beautiful relationship I had but I just feel lost. I don’t know what to do. Help please!

    Sorry for the long post but I just felt that you might be the ray of guidance I need right now. Eagerly waiting for your reply!


    1. Hi Sonam,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Right now more than my explanation or wisdom for your situation, I feel you need a powerful guidance that only Abraham Hicks can provide. Here is the link. I regularly listen to Abraham Hicks and their wisdom on all areas of life helps me a lot. I too have gone through heart breaks twice in my life but the difference was in my case, I never had any fights with guys I loved and they always loved me dearly as friend. Even today they appreciate me as a good friend. In my second experience which was extremely difficult to cope up, my faith in god and positivity helped me a lot to get back on track and this particular video of Abe helped me to understand why all happened and that all was for manifesting my dreams including my dream marriage. Here is the link.

      I am very happy now and I love myself so much. My heart is healed completely with God’s love for which I prayed everyday. Do listen to the video everyday untill you really feel good and positive about your current situation. Understand that your life is much bigger than this temperory discomfort. Things are changing for the highest good of you and your life.

      Take care


  6. Hi Gargi, i had asked for signs from universe and i got not one but many. I asked for a particular color and any object in that color was my sign. I got two the first time. Now i get it often even when i am not asking. But my intense fear and doubts just pushed away my soul mate, to the extent that he is now married. It was a relationship that he started. We were together for 3 years. But today i realise that it was my insecurity that bought me to this situation. Till date, whenever i sit and meditate, out of no where i see two of us and a baby girl. As of today, after reading lots of articles n watching the movie secret, I have come to terms. I am calm and do not get any anxiety pangs. Only problem is, I get pisitive signs if I ask is he still wanting to be with me!

    I had written journals, made vision boards and even kept the pics of our together as happy couple. Today its like i have pushed myself to give it all up. I used to cry but now I feel nothing.

    I get cold chills even now when that visual pops up (of us as a happy couple with a baby) and I getto see him very happy. With grear effort, I have reached this point today where I am happy with myself. I do not wish to hurt anyone, kniwing very well how much I have been hurt. What is this happening? As i said, am happy with myself. Have had guys who have only hurt me. Yet i get only positive sign for this one guy even today.



    1. Hi Vani,

      I will just say that I am happy that you are peaceful where you are right now. See everything happens for a reason so accept whatever happemed because that gave you and all the people involved, the strength and lessons learned. If God gives you positive signs for that guy, then just be happy. If he really loves you, he will be yours. However, always remember God does everything for highest good for everyone. So, if he comes back then it will be highest good of all and if he doesn’t then also its for highest good of all. Leave it on God what to do and you focus on other areas of life. Life is beautiful and important is that you have now the knowledge of the Law of Attraction and thats the true blessing. So be happy and accept that all happens for a reason and for the highest good of all.


    2. Thank you so much for your response as this is what i felt too. Am currently focussing on being that confident and healthy me. Yes, everything happens for a reason. Today i thank all those who deliberately hurt mr, coz they have helped me do away with all the possible negativities.
      Tons of gratitude


  7. Hello Gargi,

    Very nice post . I need a suggestion in applying the law of attractiion. I am trying to manifest my ex. I have asked for signs from universe and it was positive and she has feelings for me. I am no longer in contact with her. I have the belief that she will come to me but, I am finding it hard to visualise as only the break up episode comes more often. And this leads to sadness and negativity. Can you guide me through any other option for diverting my thoughts.



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