The Law of Attraction is not only about deliberate manifestations

Past few weeks I have realized that people who have come across the knowledge about the law of attraction have understood it as only a tool for manifesting desires. Yes! The law of attraction does manifest all your desires if you are in alignment with the Universe but the main thing which the law of attraction teaches us is how to live life to the fullest. It teaches us to be grateful everyday for our blessing. It teaches us how to raise our vibrations high and how to maintain it always. The law of attraction responds to our thoughts and feelings, so it helps manifesting our desires but many people in order to create their beautiful future, forget to live in the present moment. They forget that appreciating small things in life everyday gives so much of joy. Always dream big because we can achieve big only if we think big but we should also give our best to thank god for all the good things we have in our life right now and enjoy every little thing we observe every single day. That’s the way to live the life we have always imagined.



15 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction is not only about deliberate manifestations

  1. Yes! It’s all about your inner world and mastering yourself as opposed to using it as a tool whenever you need it. The law of attraction is always working, like gravity. It’s not something you switch on and off.


  2. It is so refreshing to hear that. Thank you so much. Yes the law of attraction helps us manifest our hearts desires but being grateful for the now, that’s the real message. The more love we give the more we receive. Be joyful and grateful everyday.


  3. I think so many times we forget that the Law of Attraction is so much more than getting. It’s also about being thankful and loving and joy and being present and so much more. Great post, short and sweet!


      1. What you have shared is really knowledge enhancing. It is basically focussed on human to human communication related to the law of attraction. It would really help people if you would share your knowledge about how to connect to the source, ie. The Universe. Unless people get connected to the source, they won’t understand how life works and how they can improve it for the best.

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