My new Notebook PC – wish fulfilled in the best way

I am very happy today. Universe delivered a new Notebook PC as I wished for. For past one year I was thinking of buying a new laptop but couldn’t do so. Some how my priorities kept changing whenever I got finance and planned to buy a laptop. So few months back in January 2016, I wrote in my journal about my wish to own a brand new laptop and visualized my new laptop on my lap. When I wrote my wish I did not think about, at what price I would buy and from where money will come. Presently I am looking for my dream job and right now not working. So I did not know from where the money will come, but I believed Universe will fulfill my wish in the best way because I wanted to finish my incomplete lessons on cyber security which I had began on my aunt’s laptop but couldn’t finish and lot of work was planned to be done when new laptop arrives. So I heartily wished to get the new laptop. After writing about my wish and expressing my heartfelt gratitude in advance for the new laptop, I let the thought go and with faith, left all on the Universe to do the needful.

In January 2016, I wrote in my journal about the wish and in February 2016, I got an intimation from my previous employer about my pending bonus and incentive amount which they wanted to pay me. They sent me the form for this purpose. While filling up the form, I identified some mistake in calculation and sent for revision to my previous employer. They revised the calculation and the amount payable to me increased more than thrice. I couldn’t believe it. This bonus and incentive payment was highly unexpected as I had left the job 6 months back and I was no more employed with the company. But they paid me my bonus dues. And you won’t believe the new notebook PC (Laptop) was priced within the amount of payment I received as bonus and incentive. It was like Universe gave me money for buying my new laptop. I received INR 27775 as bonus and incentive, and got my new notebook PC at INR 27000. Isn’t this amazing. It took around 2.5 months for processing and crediting bonus in my account. So today I got my new laptop with the best model at perfect price. Couldn’t thank god enough for this blessing. I am also grateful to my previous employer who paid me pending bonus and incentive for the period I worked with them.

Today also, I feel surprised and happy how Universe arranged for the finance. Expect the unexpected, Universe is always awesome. Sharing here the pics of my wish written in my journal and my new notebook PC.



8 thoughts on “My new Notebook PC – wish fulfilled in the best way

  1. Hi Gargi,

    Thank you so much for sharing your manifestation with us. Gargi I want to know theart of LETTING GO . Does it mean you leave your desire to the universe and you don’t think about it again ? I get really confused when it comes to letting go. Please elaborate on Letting Go .

    Here you wrote the wish and you said it manifested really soon, like in a month’s time. Did you vizualize everyday in the letting go period? Or you just distracted yourself from the topic?

    Please sort me out on this.

    Thank you 🙂


    1. Hi Shreya,

      Thanks for stopping by my post and giving your views. Let me clarify your doubts on LETTING GO. Letting go means once you ask for what you desire, you believe that what you have asked for will come to you at perfect time and in the most perfect way. Just imagine that if you have your desire with you, will you doubt that its not with you? Will you feel the need of it everyday? will you worry about it? NO because you already have what you desire. So though you don’t have it right now, feel and act as if you already have it. When you let Universe do work for you in the way it has to do, then u will feel peace and joy. That’s called letting go. Hope it is now clear to you Shreya.


      1. Yes. You can continue visualization whenever you feel like to do it. Always remember, you should do visualization to feel amazing about your dream being fulfilled. You should not visualise by thinking that if you don’t visualize you won’t get your desires. If at the back of mind you have a thought that “I should visualize everyday to manifest my desire..” then its not appropriate. After first asking and visualization, continue visualization only to feel amazing and make your belief strong in your dreams as already fulfilled.


      2. Thank you sooooo much Gargi. I am loving your blog and your advices. You have no idea how well you have sorted me. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


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