If you are criticizing price – you are pushing money away from you.

Money flows easily and in abundance where good feelings about money are. When we say “Oh! How costly the things are now a days” or “Inflation is going up, prices are rising”, “veggies are costly, milk is costly”, “What a costly house or car or dress it is, I cannot afford”. When we say these statements, we are unintentionally giving bad feelings about money. This bad feeling pushes money away from us. When we say things are costly and we cannot afford it, we are giving out frequency of not having enough money and this low frequency brings more and more of situations where we feel things are becoming more costly and we cannot afford it.

Now you would be thinking how to change these “lack of money” thoughts when we really feel we do not have enough money. Here are few ways to overcome this negativity and attract abundant money in your life.

1. Be grateful with all your heart for every single penny you receive in your life. No matter how much amount of money you receive, small or big, be grateful for the money you receive. The more deeply you are grateful, the more circumstances you attract to be grateful for, means more money from expected and unexpected sources. Gratitude opens the doors of all the sources of abundance. Gratitude has tremendous power. Gratitude and faith can move mountains.

2. When you see something you love but you cannot afford to have that thing now, don’t say “I can’t afford it”. In your mind say, “I can afford it” and just give good feelings and love for that thing. Don’t focus on price, just be happy when you see that thing. Love is an eternal force in the Universe. When you give love to that thing, you will see that thing coming to you in an unexpected way. When you give love, the Universe will bring that thing to you. However, if you focus on how costly that thing is and that you cannot afford it, the Universe says “Your wish, my command” and you will never afford that thing. For the Universe, nothing is impossible, you can get whatever you wish for, no matter how big it is. But for that you have to give love to that thing. Be it your dream car, dream house, beautiful dress or jewellery or any thing you feel you cannot afford. You can certainly afford everything if you align your frequency with the Universe. Make yourself in receptive mode by being joyful and giving love and gratitude for that thing.

3. If you see other people having the things you wish for but you cannot presently have those things, rather than being upset and thinking that “he or she has that thing but I don’t have”, rejoice in their happiness. Give good feelings when you see people happy having those things you desire. When you are happy with people’s achievements or wishes being fulfilled, you attract your desires to you. Suppose you want a particular car but right now it is not possible to buy a car with your financial condition and your friend shares a news that he bought a brand new car, instead of feeling envy or bad about him having a new car, rejoice in his happiness. Congratulate him and be happy in his happiness as if you have bought a new car. When you do this, you will see how the loving Universe brings your desired car to you. Your thoughts and feelings are magnets. Joyful feelings bring more joy and vice versa. Joyful feeling about having a car will bring you the car but envy or bad feelings of not having the car will push your desired car away from you. Be happy in others happiness. Give love and gratitude.

4. If you want to raise you vibration about money, find pictures of abundant money on web and feel amazing looking at the pictures as if it is yours. When you feel amazing about money, you attract more money. Money flows to you easily.

5. Everyday, say “I love money and money loves me. Money flows to me easily. I am a money magnet” and feel amazing and grateful about having abundant money. These words of gratitude and positive vibrations about money will bring in more and more money from all the directions.

6. When in discussion with people, if anyone criticises money or say anything negative about money, don’t give any focus on their words. Try to change the negative discussion into the positive. Complaining about money problems bring in more money problems and not money itself. Abundance flows where feelings of abundance are. Feelings of lack of money attracts more of lack of money situations.

7. Most important, apart from money, everyday give your heartfelt thanks to all the good things in your life. Be grateful to every single blessing in your life may it be small or big. Be joyful in whatever you do. Joyful and love feelings attract more of joyful experiences. What you give out through your thoughts and feelings,you receive back. So give what you want to receive. If you want abundance, give out feelings of abundance. If you give positive feelings about money but you are negative in other areas of life, you are pushing money away again because when you give out negative thoughts, you will receive negative experiences in any form like finance problem, health problem, work issues, relationship issues, etc. So be grateful in all the areas of your life. Give out thoughts and feelings of abundance in all the areas of your life.

8. If you need a particular amount of money, write it down on a piece of paper or in a journal in present tense “I wish to have ….. amount of money. Thank you so much god for giving me the money”. Or you can write “Thank you god for perfect payment for ….” In the blanks write what you want. E.g. If you want money for rent payment, you can write the amount how mch you need or you can simply write “Thankyou for perfect rent payment”. When you say thank you in advance for your desires, you powerfully magnetize the law of attraction to fulfill your desires. Once you write this, believe you will recieve your desire and do not follow up with Universe. Relax and have faith that your needs are taken care of.

Hope these suggestions will be of help to you in attracting abundant money in your life. Money should not be a struggle but it should flow easily because god wants it to flow easily to you. The Universe wants you to live in abundance but you have to help Universe to give abundance,by your thoughts and feelings of abundance.





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