Perfect arrangement for my new silver anklets

I am super happy today. Universe fulfilled my wish of having pair of new silver anklets. I love to wear silver anklets especially delicate ones. Since many years I had been wearing silver anklets and I couldn’t imagine my ankles without them. However, for past two months I did not wear my anklets as it had become old and were on the verge of breaking. The links got weak and slowly one by one it was breaking. So I removed the anklets from my ankles and kept it in my wardrobe. I was happy without anklets because I knew soon I would wear new anklets but I did not had any specific plans to go to the jewellery shop to buy one. Then I just let go of the thought and got busy in my routine.

Later one day I saw a pair of beautiful anklets a girl was wearing. I was happy to see them. That day I just thought why not write down my wish in my journal and let the Universe work for my new anklets. It was 7th April, 2016, I wrote in my journal about my wish and gave gratitude for my new anklets as if already received. On 15th April, I had to go in a social gathering and was looking for clothes to wear. When I opened my wardrobe, I saw my old anklets. It gave me sudden urge to wear them. I thought those anklets are not broken, they still look beautiful though some of the part was damaged. So I followed my heart and happily wore them. I was super happy, the thought of buying new anklets did not come to my mind that moment. I was happy with my old anklets. Later one week I was out of town. While travelling I just prayed to god to take care of my anklets, they should be safe and should not break off. I am truly grateful to god for taking care of my anklets. I returned from journey on 23rd of April.

Today 27th of April, while in shower, unexpectedly my anklet broke off from my left feet. I looked on the floor and saw it was broken and in such a way that it would not be of much use to get it repaired. Instead of feeling upset for the broken anklet, I was happy. Something inside of me said “Gargi, you will get a pair of new anklets.”

I told mom about my broken anklets and if I can get new pair in exchange of this old one. Mom told me to check with the jewellery shop and get the new one if it fits budget. I went to the jewellery shop and showed them my old pair and asked if I could get it exchanged with new pair. The shop staff agreed it to exchange. So I selected my new pairs of silver anklets and got it exchanged with the old one. Universe arranged for the money in the best way. The price for the new pair was INR 1967.00 and the price of the old one was calculated INR 617.00 (for old, price is bit less depending upon the weight and replacement rate) and yesterday only I had got a repayment for INR 500.00 from my aunt for the money I had spent two weeks back. So I had to pay only INR 850.00 additional from my end. Isn’t this amazing? Out of INR 1967.00, I had to pay only INR 850.00 extra. Wow!!!! I am so happy. I never thought I would get new one in exchange of the old and also my money spent would be so less. Only Universe can plan such a best way. Thank you Universe. Sharing here the pictures of my wish note in the journal and pair of my new anklets. Within 20 days of my making a wish in my journal, Universe granted my wish. So amazing. Happy Happy Happy


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