It just banged on his face. Please god forgive me.

Presently, I am on a mini vacation at my sister’s place. She has a three and half years old son. He is very cute yet notorious. We play a lot.

Few minutes back I was playing with my nephew in our bedroom. We were really enjoying ball catch game. There is a small wooden cupboard attached to the bed and my nephew was sitting very close to the corners of the cupboard. I was constantly telling him to take care so that he doesn’t get hurt by the corners of the cupboard. He too agreed to take care. I know the law of attraction is constantly responding to our thoughts. The law is so faithful and mechanical. I was repeatedly telling my nephew while playing “Dear, take care so that you don’t get hurt by those corners”. Unintentionally, I was atracting what I was afraid of and it happened.

After safe playing for few minutes, my baby nephew started jumping and suddenly fell off unexpectedly and was hit at the corners of the cupboard. He got hurt on his face. As he started crying which was obvious, I picked him up and tried to calm down and see if he had not got much injury. Thanks to god he was not much hurt. Just now my sister made him sleep.

As I know about the law of attraction, I was thinking what went wrong, seriously I wanted him to be safe. Then it just dawned on me. Though I was constantly saying “Take care so that you don’t get hurt”, I was focusing on hurt. The law of attraction doesn’t understand do’s and don’t. I was uttering a negative statement again and again, which manifested into reality within few minutes. I am truly grateful to god for taking care of my nephew, it was not a major incidence and he was some how safe. Also, I got a lesson, how our thoughts create experiences for our kids. Kids are so innocent, they don’t much think but our thoughts and feelings attract experiences for them. I asked god to forgive me and take care of my nephew.

The law of attraction is mechanical, it is constantly responding to our thoughts and feelings. If you experience any such incidence with kids around you, instead of scolding them for not taking care and being notorious, atleast once think over. Was it really their mistake or was it your negative thought and feeling that attracted experience for them? Kids cannot understand this law but we can and so we need to consiously make efforts to be positive in thoughts, feelings, beliefs and words for self and others and create beautiful life for ourselves and the world.


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