Guidance for my dream career path as I requested

I was really confused in which area of cyber security I should make my career. Being a Chartered Accountant and a non-technical professional, I was not able to decide exactly which area in cyber security I should go that would give me an interesting and a fantastic learning and earning experience. This confusion was creating more confusion regarding which job profile would be the best for me and what will be my career graph in that area in coming years. Presently I am a qualified cyber security & cyber forensic professional but the certification I have done is not much popular. In most popular and demanding courses, there is a criteria of work experience for receiving certification and as I am not having any work experience in information security, I am not eligible right now for those most recognized global certifications.

I did not have any mentors who could guide me in this mid career shift. I tried to ask on social network for guidance but did not get answer per my expectations. So finally I decided to ask our loving Universe who is the supreme power and knows everything in and out about this world. I asked Universe to guide me in which particular area I should go for my dream job, my dream career where I can give my best. I requested Universe at around 7 pm yesterday, to inspire me to know my passion and perfect job profile in cyber security. For getting the answer, I gave Universe time limit till yesterday 12 am and said Thank you in advance for the perfect guidance. I believed that Universe will guide me.

So after finishing dinner, I opened my phone’s internet browser and started searching for cyber security career fields and job positions. While searching, I came across the site ISACA and there got an interactive application program that guides about career path in cyber security based on our answers to some of the questions they ask. I followed the instructions of that application and put details and one by one it started showing information about what ideal career path is suitable for a candidature like me. To my delight and excitement, I got the information of the career area and job title best suitable for me like initiating career as Risk analyst and then moving forward as ISO/IT Director etc. and so on, and details about certifications required.

I always wanted a profile of an analyst and got the answer from the Universe. The time when I got this detailed career path on the website of ISACA, it was around 11:15 pm that is before 12 am as I had asked.

I am extremely grateful to god for giving me answer and guiding me for my dream career. Now I know about my dream job and it is on its way. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God.


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