Identical twins by the lake-side

I literally wanted to jump with joy but did not do so as there were many people walking around me, while I was out for evening walk by the lake-side with my dad and one family friend (uncle). I controlled myself from jumping and shouting till I reached home.

What happened is today morning I received a forwarded message from one of my friends. It was an image of a duplicate of a famous celebrity. We then just casually discussed about duplicates of celebrities and even laymans like us. It was a fun discussion. Many a times we do see exact duplicates or look-a-like of non-celebrities like us which always surprised me. Once it happened that I came across my look-a-like years back which literally shocked me and my sister as we saw her.

Today when me and my friend were discussing about duplicates, I thought of identical twins as well, as till now I have came across many identical twins (girls as well as guys) though I did not discuss about identical twins with my friend today. It was a remembrance from past and few visions of identical twins seen in past which flashed before my eyes for a moment. Later I forgot about it and got busy in my work.

As a routine, I went for evening walk by the lake side. It feels so good while walking by the lake side in the pleasant atmosphere and cool breeze. I was walking and at the same time enjoying the surrounding. There were many people around me. Dad and uncle were walking ahead of me.

After a short while of walking, what I saw was really amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two girls were coming from opposite direction towards me and were busy in talking to eachother. At first I casually looked at them but when they came close and passed by me I realised they were identical twins. I was so delighted and literally wanted to jump and shout not because I saw identical twins but the realisation that my thoughts about identical twins and duplicates in the morning, attracted those identical twin girls. I couldn’t believe how fast thoughts and feelings manifest and create our reality. For past one month I am regularly coming to this lake side near our house for evening walk but I have never seen those girls till today and most probably will not see them again tomorrow. I saw them today as I thought about twins today. They came and pass by me while walking because of my thoughts. Wow!!! Isn’t the law of attraction amazing. I instantly told my dad and uncle that I had thought about identical twins in the morning and look they are here. My dad and uncle both smiled casually and said ok but only I know how amazing this experience was. Identical twins are not new for me but this experience was really beautiful and special.


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